ECF Meeting Minutes April 6, 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Emeritus Faculty Council Minutes

9:30-11:30, April 6, 2020, Meeting on Zoom

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Wanat who thanked Boe for hosting the meeting.

[In compliance with University of Iowa’s closure of buildings due to the coronavirus pandemic, the council met using Zoom technology. University policy may be found at On March 23, the policy stated: “Buildings are closed to the public….  Those entering buildings should do so only to complete a specific activity or task, such as record a lecture or pick up a book, and then leave.”]

Attendance: Berman, Boe, Cobb, Donham, Hines, Fleckenstein, Gilbert, Johnson, Menninger, Mitros, Shirazi, Valde, Vlastos, Wanat.

Absent: Stoner.


Gilbert Banker, Pharmacy, 2/16/2020

Laura Hart, Nursing, 4/1/2020

New Emeritus Faculty:

            Stephen Arndt, 7/1/2020, Medicine/Psychiatry

            Wallace Alward, 7/1/2020, Medicine/ Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

            James Amos, 7/1/2020, Medicine/Psychiatry

            Alan Christensen, 7/1/2020, CLAS/Psychological Brain Sciences

            Russell Ciochon, 7/1/2020, CLAS/Anthropology

            Sukumar Ghosh, 7/1/2020, CLAS/Computer Science

            Jan Gratama, 5/15/2020, CLAS/Art and Art History

            Lynne Himmelreich, 3/31/2020, Medicine/Obstetrics/Gynecology

            Surjit Khurana, 2/14/2020, CLAS/Mathematics

            Walter Lawrence, 7/1/2020, Medicine/Surgery

            Linda McCarter, 6/1/2020, Medicine/Microbiology & Immunology

            Patricia Meredith, 12/31/2019, Dentistry/Operative Dentistry

            Jerald Moon, 6/30/2020, CLAS/Communication Sciences & Disorders

            Farlye Nothwehr, 11/2/2020, Public Health/Community Behavioral Health

            Jane Paulsen, 2/29/2020, Medicine/Psychiatry

            Larry Robertson, 3/31/2020 Public Health/Occupational & Environmental Health

            Thomas Schmidt, 7/2/2020, Medicine/Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

            Erwin Shibata, 2/5/2020, Medicine/Internal Medicine

            Frederick Smith, 6/20/2020, CLAS/Religious Studies

            Victoria Steelman, 6/20/2020, Nursing

            John-Mark Stensvaag, 5/15/2020, Law

            Scott Temple, 7/1/2020, Medicine/Psychiatry

            Jon Winet, 6/30/2020, CLAS/Art and Art History


March minutes were approved.

Report on EFC committee assignments:

  • Elections: Gilbert (Chair), Mitros, Vlastos, Boe (consultant)

Gilbert reported and led discussion on status of candidate selection and timeline for ballots.

  • Program: Stoner (Chair), Johnson, Wanat, Berman, Fleckenstein

Fleckenstein assured the council that a future meeting and tour of the College of Pharmacy can be arranged in the 2020-2021 academic year when pandemic restrictions are lifted.

  • Lecture Series: Gilbert (Chair), Gussin (Consultant)

Gilbert reported that two lectures have been postponed for spring semester in compliance with pandemic restrictions. Two lectures remain on the schedule for fall semester.

  • Communications/Website: Boe (Chair), Fleckenstein

Boe and Fleckenstein presented the newly formatted website. Fleckenstein is assuming duties of chair when Boe’s term on EFC ends.

Reports from Liaisons with University committees/organizations:

[Most committees have not met, in compliance with University and State of Iowa Covid-19  policies limiting gatherings to 10 people.]

  • Campus planning: Hines, Donham

  • FRIC: Shirazi, Valde

Johnson reported on March 6 meeting. The rollout of UI Select , a low cost program for healthy participants, had limited participation, primarily by young beneficiaries.

  • UIRA: Vlastos, Cobb

UIRA events for spring and summer have been cancelled. Election of officers and fall activities were discussed using the Gray Hawk newsletter as a source of information.

  • Library: Gilbert, Johnson

  • Research Council: Bermann

  • Faculty Senate/Council: Mitros

  • Hancher: Valde

  • Recreation Services: Donham 

Donham gave an overview of this Presidential Committee (see Appendix A).

  • Senior College: Boe, Donham, Johnson, Mitros, Wanat

 Boe explained that two courses for spring were cancelled. Future offering of cancelled courses is not known. Fall course schedule is complete.

  • Parking and Transportation: Stoner, Boe

Old Business:

  • Status of election process and length of terms: see Elections committee report.

New Business:

  • Letter of Support to President and Provost: Council approved letter (drafted by Menninger) commending University support of students, faculty, and staff during period of on-line learning and working from home while campus is closed (See Appendix B.)
  • Emeritus Status Review: Provost request for review of emeritus case was approved. Council will make plans for formal discussion with Associate Provost regarding guidelines to review exceptional emeritus cases.
  • Transition to next year: Gilbert mentioned searching for secretary.

Next Meeting: May 4, 2020 (via Zoom if campus remains closed) 

Appendix A:

Recreational Services Charter Committee Meeting

Friday, March 6, 2020

11:30am – 12:30pm

  • In attendance:

Charter Committee Members – Isabella Blackman, Kelley Donham, Paul Hanley, Melinda Licht, Gary Pierce, Mallory Stolt, Kelsie Tingle

Recreational Services Staff – Brian Baxter, David Conrads, Michelle Harder, Zane Hugo, Vicki Jaeger, CJ Jason, Mark Johnson, Pat Kutcher, Shea McMurray, Matt Schaefer, Shelley Squier, Erin Sullivan, Chuck Thomas, JT Timmons, Shannon Tumelty, Mallory Valentine, Mike Valentine, Mili Veselinovic

  • Welcome and Introductions: Kelsie Tingle and Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services
  • Tennis Program Presentation: Mili Veselinovic, Assistant Tennis Professional
    • Tennis Team:
      • 4 Senior/Full Time Staff: Michele Conlon, Fred Pedersen, Calvin Song, Mili Veselinovic
      • 29 Part Time Instructors
      • 26 Front Desk Employees
    • Tennis Facts:
      • 8 indoor courts
        • 6 of our 8 indoor courts are smart courts, which allow video recording
      • 12 outdoor courts
      • 6 tournaments (including smashers)
      • 1 professional tournament
        • Partnership with Sports and Rec Management to operate the event
      • Iowa Tennis Association tournament
      • Over 5000 kids in camps and clinics last summer
      • 85 adult league players each week
      • 25 USTA Adult League meets
      • 20-25 UI Varsity meets
      • 2,000 tennis balls
    • Tennis Programs:
      • Junior Programs
        • 4 Hawkeye Tennis Academy levels
        • Group classes
      • Adult Programs
        • Cardio tennis
        • Beginner and Intermediate group instruction
      • Private Lessons
        • 100+ weekly lessons
      • Club and Leagues
        • UI Tennis Club
    • Diversity and Inclusion:
      • International Tennis League (ITC)
      • 18 USTA Women’s Tennis Teams
      • Men’s League
      • Junior Tennis League
      • Senior Tennis League 75+
      • Tennis Programs for youth with special needs
      • Wheelchair tennis
    • Outreach and Recruitment:
      • Junior Tennis: 200 athletes around Iowa
      • Girls State High School Tournament
      • High School practices
      • High School district meets
      • Youth at Risk summer program
      • Downtown Block Party
      • School visits
    • Challenges:
      • More indoor court space needed
      • Pickleball space
      • Air-conditioning
  • Question – Do you oversee any other courts on campus?
  • Mili Veselinovic – No we don’t.
  • Discussion on COVID-19: JT Timmons, Director, Recreational Services
    • – University is directing all questions to the website
    • What have we done?
  • Upcoming travel: LLS courses – spring break
  • There is no travel ban within US. Recreational Services does not have any bans/restrictions. We will have a liberal cancellation/refund policy.
  • Sports Clubs Travel
  • Staff Travel
    •  National conference- spent time on the phone with NIRSA HQ. Conference is still in plans. They now have a website up with information about travel.
  • Facilities – digital signage through DSL. Posters, table tents, etc.
  • Revolution Antibacterial Wipes – demonstrated effective against COVID-19
  • Discussion with staff- brainstorming session to try to think everything through.
  • We are taking as many precautions as we can and trying to be proactive and gauge what other campuses are doing. Illinois has been given the okay to reduce hours or shut down if needed. We’ll be having those discussions too.
  • Question – Can we have more tissues located in the Rec?
  • Shea McMurray – We’ll walk through our facilities to find locations to add tissues.
  • Question – Gym wipes are used for hard, non-porous equipment, does it work for mats, seats, etc.?
  • Brian Baxter – Yes, for their classification, all those items are counted as hard and non-porous.
  • Question – Could you add more signs around the mats, so people are reminded to clean mats?
  • JT Timmons – We already have signs out but will work with the staff to remind people to clean the mats.
  • Question – What about student IDs? Do you have anything to wipe off the student IDs?
  • JT Timmons – We will encourage the use of our mobile app. We do have hand sanitizer located at all our desk locations.
  • Question – Sometimes when I workout I notice that the wipe stations are out. Can you be more vigilant about changing wipes?
  • JT Timmons – Yes we can. Could you also please notify the front desk if wipes are empty.
  • Men’s Anti-Violence Council (MAC): JT Timmons, Director, Recreational Services
    • We’ve heard some of our users being uncomfortable in the buildings
    • People have felt like they have been watched
    • Design of Field House vs. CRWC - Not an open concept at FH. Open sight lines at CRWC.
    • We’re going to do a program in April to address some of this.
    • Weeklong opportunity to educate on what’s appropriate and acceptable.
    • They will share some of the educational goals of their group. This fits in with our ideas of changing the culture.
    • We need to consider this when going through the design process.
  • Question – Mallory, can you talk about the survey regarding inclusivity.
  • Mallory Valentine – We’ve had 1500 responses. The results show that the 1st floor of the CRWC does come across as intimidating and can make people uncomfortable.
  • Update on P & S Searches: Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services
    • Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness – Drew Ferderer
    • Assistant Director, Iowa Raptor Project – Ryan Anthony
    • Assistant Director, Sport Programs – Offer has been made, waiting for response
    • Assistant Director, Facility Operations – Currently conducting on-campus interviews
    • Assistant Director, Aquatics – Position has been posted and will close March 13
  • New Business:
    • Over 500 students attended Rec After Dark
    • Rowing Comp and Swim Meets in February
    • Pow Wow at Field House in April
    • Discussion with staff on upcoming election – supporting people- patrons, staff, and ourselves
  • Closing Remarks: Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services
    • Will try to set next meeting for April

Appendix B: Letter to President Harreld and Provost Fuentes (sent April 7, 2020)

Dear President Harreld and Provost Fuentes:

The Emeritus Faculty Council, on behalf of the University of Iowa Association of Emeritus Faculty, commends the support that the University of Iowa is giving our students, faculty, and staff in these troubling times. Especially, we applaud the flexibility shown in regard to instruction and grading of students, to extension of probationary and tenure clocks of faculty, and to continuation of payments to faculty, staff, and student hourly employees.

Tough times test everyone’s flexibility and generosity. Emeritus faculty are pleased and proud

that our University demonstrates both.