Monday, October 2, 2023

September/October 2023/2024

EFC Committee/Liaison Reports


October 5, 2023, MEETING

Report submitted by John Westefeld

  • Update on construction of wrestling practice facility—anticipated move-in date is April, 2024.

  • Coach Tom Brands updated the committee about other issues related to wrestling.

  • There was an update on DEI activities, including a trip a number of student-athletes took to Selma and Montgomery, Alabama to visit some historic locations related to the civil rights movement, including the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the Civil Rights Memorial.

  • The athletic director updated the committee on several issues, including conference realignment, Name, Image and Likeness (NIL),  a new cheer squad and gymnastics facility, and a feasibility study that is examining potential renovations to Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Funded Retirement and Investment Committee (FRIC) MEETING

October 6, 2023

Submitted by Sheldon Kurtz


Open enrollment for university plan in which retirees are enrolled will be 11/10-11/15. Retirees who are on Medicare already start the process on 10/15. 


There is much confusion relating to the Wellmark designation of an insured’s PCP particularly for insureds who don’t currently have a PCP and cannot currently get one.  Wellmark’s designation of a PCP to an insured doesn’t mean the designated PCP is actually the insured’s PCP whether because the designated PCP is not taking more patients or the insured doesn’t want that PCP.


Weight Loss Rx was also discussed.


Benefits office looking into difficulty of getting a physician at IRL.

Report on Library Committee

September 15, 2023

Submitted by Constance Berman

Reviewed the library charge in Charter

Updated on gate count: up six percent

Discussion of new gallery exhibit on Bill Sackter. (Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop in School of Social Work): exhibit from August 21 to December 19, 2023. 

Call for nominations for Arthur Benton Fund award by October 1.

Arthur Benton University Librarian's Award for Excellence

The $2,000 award, made possible by a generous endowment from Dr. Arthur Benton, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Neurology, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Notice of University’s next Capital Campaign will be launched on 16 October.

Modifications to Librarian promotion process

With P & S /merit 20 new hires of 170 staff, mostly due to retirements.

Discussion of journals that we get, but for which page charges have to be paid.

Discussion of: Robust Special Collection

Discussion of shared position with Stanley digital scholar project.

Plan for future Meeting at Conservation lab in person.

Next meeting: library collection budget (90 % on journals)

Report on Library Committee

October 13, 2023

Submitted by Diane Huber


  • Welcome and introductions were done.
  • There are 150 students working across the main library plus 7 other locations.
  • There is a philanthropically funded scholarship program for library student workers ($2500).
  • They are recruiting a new Associate Librarian (Dr. Jade Davis).
  • Renovations continue at Hardin Library (next year is its 50th anniversary.
  • Discussion of print resources and collaborations with other 2 Regents institutions plus Big 10.
  • Presentation of details of the libraries’ budget for FY23 and FY24. They have a flat budget. There has been a strategic reinvestment in staff. Budget issues also include subscriptions inflation (drains the budget) and a one-time e-collections purchasing freeze.
  • Discussion of open access and paying to publish vs. paying to read, arrangements with various publishers, differences in citations.
  • Adjourn

Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes 10/13/2023
Via Zoom

Reported by Carol Scott-Connor for the EFC

Attendance: Alexa Frankel, Emma Gaughan, Paul Hanley, Pamella Hughes, Natalie Kehrli, Colin Nelson-Pinkston, Debra Trusty, John Wadsworth, Rebecca Wilson, Warren Boe, Mia Brunelli, Brian McClatchey, Michelle Ribble, Greg Schmitt, April Wells, Derek Timmerman, Mike Wilson, Debby Ken Friedhoff and Carol Scott-Conner

Carrie took roll call based on Zoom attendance


Several members of the Parking and Transportation leadership team have joined us this meeting to introduce themselves and their units

Committee member introductions first

Mike Wilson – Fleet Services

o 608 vehicles managed, both rental and lease vehicles o Vehicle maintenance
o Fuel island on campus
o Buy and sell all vehicles on campus

• Mia Brunelli – CAMBUS Operations Manager
o Service planning and supervise student employees

• Derek Timmerman – Special Events Coordinator
o Handles all the event planning here on campus

• Michelle Ribble – Commuter Programs Manager o Alternative modes of transportation

▪  Van Pool

▪  Bus Pass ▪ Bicycles

▪ Ride matching

• Greg Schmitt – Project Manager
o Oversee institutional roads program o Construction projects

• Brian McClatchey – CAMBUS Manager
o Fixed-route service on campus

o Bionic Bus services
o Special services for special events o State and federal funding

• April Wells – Communications Manager o Small team of three now

o Both internal and external communications • Fun fact - Deb Trusty can help if horses are involved

Committee charge and member responsibilities

Walk through the committee charge

Reminder to the committee members to bring forward ideas for agenda topics

Can always reach out to Becky Wilson with any of those ideas

Hawkeye Ramp

Presentation from Greg Schmitt

Currently in construction on the west campus

985 parking stalls

Consist of 3 bays and 5 levels

North of the West Campus Transportation Center

Hawkeye Ramp Drive has been widened

Crane was installed this week

Coming up next

o Permanent retaining wall o Elevator shafts
o Storm water detention

• Pedestrian pathways
o Temporary crosswalk in place

o Several additional pathways are in place once construction is complete • Skyway connection to current skyway system

o Connection point is in the SE corner of the ramp
• Question regarding a sidewalk connecting the current sidewalk near Duane Banks to the light at Hawkins, crossing over to Lot 40

o Could be a future improvement
o Baseball project or an institutional roads project o More to come on this one

• Who will get to park in this ramp?

o Staff facility

o Ability to support special events in this area of campus

Parking and Transportation website details


Reassignment of staff to other parking lots to accommodate construction activities

Lot 53 – used to be a grass lot – now it is paved – added 145 spaces

Lot 48 expansion– added 100 spaces

Lot 73 expansion – added 250 spaces

Only have 100 permit holders that need to be moved back

Initially moved about 1,300 permit holders to accommodate construction projects on the west campus

CAMBUS Maintenance Facility modernization

Study conducted of the existing facility

Highlights of the modernization project

o Modernize vehicle maintenance operations
o Evaluate infrastructure needs for bus electrification o Improvement and consolidation of staff offices
o Move Fleet Services into an actual building
o Dedicate maintenance bays

▪ Remove that space from bus storage
o Incorporate vehicle lifts for safety and more efficient maintenance
o Design space for incorporation of electric buses
o Separate Fleet Service maintenance from bus storage area
o Provide indoor storage space
o Electrical service to the facility
o Incorporation of charging equipment
o Ceiling and door height adequate to accommodate electric buses
o Consolidate all CAMBUS operations into the facility to improve efficiencies o Dispatch and maintenance in same location
o Improve driver training
o Improve coordination and communication

Facility concept image

Cost and next steps

o Estimated total cost of $17 million o CAMBUS portion is $13 million

▪  CAMBUS will apply for Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Grant

▪  Grant would cover 80%

• Steps for CAMBUS

o Complete an electrification transition plan
o Coordinate with bus manufacturer (Gillig)
o Prepare a grant application due in April 2024

Board of Regents have approved the project moving forward

Project should move relatively quickly

o Projected to take 12-18 months once the funding is in place

Can include funding request for electric buses in the grant application

Electric buses are currently running at about $1 million each

Current buses are running at about 600k now

Grants are highly competitive

o Same grant type as what Iowa City just received • Fleet Services impact

o Tornado took out their facility in 2006
o Maintenance and rental operation are in separate locations right now

▪ This facility would combine those operations
o          Two prep bays for rental fleet – move cleaning operation inside o Will add a car wash – hopeful for cars, trucks and buses
o          Allow the install of a self-service kiosk for rental fleet
o          Would allow Fleet Services to move out of their trailer

Expansion would move directly north of CMF

What about the remaining 20%?

o Grant would cover 80%
o Some funding would come from Parking

Fleet Services would contribute some funding
o Concern is more towards the 80% - getting that grant would be so beneficial

E-scooter policy and future plans

Influx of e-scooters on campus right now

Will work on improving the policy

Seeing the scooters on the sidewalks when they should really be on the street instead

Come to the next meeting with some ideas

o What are the pros/cons?

o What ideas do you have?

Focus on personal use of e-scooters

Moratorium on companies is still in place

Is there any activity with Iowa City or Coralville?

o Not aware of anything

E-skateboards are also an issue

Speed differential is the issue with pedestrians

Would be difficult to ban e-scooters, e-skateboards, etc

Very vulnerable on the roads

Accessible option for those who can’t necessarily walk

Look at bicycle infrastructure around campus

Customers have some accountability when it is through personal use

These devices need to charge and have some storage

o What will be allowed?


Next meeting is on Friday, November 10

Motion to adjourn and seconded

Meeting ended at 4:30 pm

Recreation Services – Charter Committee – October 27, 2023

Reported by Christopher Atchison

Charter Committee 10.27.23 Notes


Committee Members: Daniel Caplan, Alex Voss, Evan Decker, Kara Park, Adam Schuck, Nathan Lokenvitz, Gretta Acheson, Emily Hamling, Alec Tewes, Christopher Atchison, Patrick Taylor, Abby Rodenburg

Recreational Services Staff: Amy Lenderink, Mike Valentine, Dave Patton, Brian Baxter, Matt Stancel, Pat Kutcher, Allyson Herman, Luke Mozena, Michelle Harder, Mallory Valentine, Shelby Reeves, Brett Cline, Danelle Stipes, Emily Downes, Erin Sullivan, Raud Kashef, David Francis, Adam Walsh, Tommy Schorer, Jeanette Luke

RecShare – Luke Mozena

The University of Iowa is hosting a workshop for collegiate recreation professionals and students targeting the state of Iowa. The goal is to support professional development among collegiate recreation professionals for little to no cost. Traditionally we have attracted participants from the flagship institutions but have expanded to included smaller university and colleges. For the first time since 2017, the University of Iowa is bringing back the event to the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center on November 8th. Deadline to sign up is October 31st.

  • Question from Alex Voss: How does the rotation of who hosts the conference work? Who has all hosted? Answer: Michelle Harder/Luke Mozena: The hosting institution has rotated based on interest from that particular school. Since 2018, Iowa State, DMAAC, and St. Ambrose have all volunteered to host.
  • Question from Mike Valentine: Are there fitness classes?
    Answer from Pat Kutcher: Formally in the schedule, no, however Pat will be teaching at noon.

Registration Link:

Turf Project Update – Michelle Harder

Last fall Recreational Services started the project to add synthetic turf to the Hawkeye Recreation Fields to extend the duration of play for our sport clubs, intramural sports, and rentals roughly 60 days. The 5.1-million-dollar project was approved by the Board of Regents and construction started January 2023.

Project began with updating the lighting and wiring of the facility. Construction of the turf started in April/May.

7 natural grass fields will be replaced with 6 turf flag football fields or 2 soccer fields. As of today the East side of the Hawkeye Recreation Fields will remain natural grass.

In addition, WIFI, new fencing, new sand volleyball, signage, security cameras, and new gate will all be added by the completion of the project. Original date for completion was scheduled for October 2nd but has been delayed due to additional electrical and IT work, fencing completion, and weather.

We are planning on having a dedication ceremony in March, early April.

• Question from Patrick Taylor: What has sport clubs/IMs been doing for the last year?
Answer Tommy Schorer: Moved play to the East side and got creative with the field layout. Sport Clubs were moved into the HTRC for Iowa turf space. Extended hours to accommodate groups for practice time. Practice time was reduced due to compression, but made it work as best as possible. Starting November 5th move to indoor scheduling only.

Challenge Course Project Update – Dave Patton

Current challenge course opened in 2005 and located in Ashton Cross Country Course. Current course is designed as a dynamic course meaning you go up an element, complete the element, and then come down. Course design can be very staff intensive and not the most efficient.

Last year we identified a funding source of $250,000 in partnership with University College to create a static challenge course. A static course is designed to allow participants to go up an element and then remain in the air to complete more elements prior to descending. More people can participate more efficiently, and the experience is more interactive with less staffing.

The location to replace the challenge course was identified as the Hawkeye Recreation Fields, specifically field #7 that was not being replaced with the synthetic turf project. Advantages with new location include plumbing, bathrooms, parking, electricity, lights, etc. Two construction meetings have taken place this fall 2023.

  • Question from Kara Park: Will the old course be torn down?
    Answer from Dave Patton: The course is still safe and we will use it until the new course is up and running. At this time no decision has been made regarding tearing down the current course.
  • Question from Adam Walsh: Will there be a new auxiliary building included with the new challenge course? Timeline?

Answer from Dave Patton: We are trying to utilize the current structures already there.

Answer from Brian Baxter: With the budget, trying to maximize what we can get with the course.

  • Question from Mike Valentine: Where is the closest comparable challenge course?

Answer from Dave Patton: Des Moines

  • Question from Matt Stancel: So based on the footprint of where you are going to put it, are your intentions to

keep the same quantity of low course obstacles or more put into the high ropes offerings?
Answer from Dave Patton: Looking at putting both high and low elements in the same area. Ideally 8-10 low elements (about the same as what we currently have).

  • Question from Patrick Taylor: At the Hawkeye Turf fields, is it on a field and we are losing a field or off to the side?

Answer from Dave Patton: The challenge course will go on Field #7 which is not currently being turfed in the

new project.

  • Question from Patrick Taylor: What is the amount of usage for the current facility?

Answer from Mallory Valentine: From the annual report last year, 1,169 participants which was up 29% from the previous Fiscal Year.

New Business

• Question from Adam Schuck: In Tippie College of Business they utilize Fitness East. Is that location going to be relocated or is that simply going to come off the books?
Answer from Brian Baxter: We are working with campus planning to discuss how to absorb that usage into our other buildings. Exploring expansion/space at the CRWC and Field House to accommodate the usage of that space.

Report from Research Council

Joint Meeting of Associate Deans for Research, Associate Deans for Faculty, and the Research Council

October 5, 2023

Submitted by Constance Berman

Topic: UI’s Research Security Program

  • Presentations by Craig Pfeiler, FBI Special Agent, Omaha Division/Cedar Rapids Office:  Transnational Repression and DOJ Updates on Foreign Interference in Research

  • By Russ Ganim, Associate Provost, and Dean of International Programs Research Security from International Programs Perspective

  • BY Mike Andrews, Director of Research Integrity and Security, Research Integrity Officer, and Research Security Officer;  Wendy Beaver, Executive Director of the Division of Sponsored Programs; Zach Furst, Chief Information Security Officer and the Executive Director of the Information Security and Policy Office
  • University of Iowa’s Research Security Program

  • Among other topics was how to deal with changed self-presentation among foreign students and researchers.  Is it a symptom of pressure from home Query.  How can it be delicately and responsibly be handled.