Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Emeritus Faculty Council Minutes

September 6, 2022

Meeting held via Zoom

Approved 10/3/2022

Call to Order:   9:45 by Hines

Members Attending:

Charlie Anderson, Christopher Atchison, Constance Berman, Deborah Cobb, Cathy Cole, Minnetta Gardinier, Miriam Gilbert, Bill Hines, Russell Lenth, Jacob Odgaard, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Carol Scott-Conner, Bernard Sorofman, Jill Valde, John Westefeld

Members Absent:

Siroos Shirazi, Sam Cochran

Introduction of New Council Members:

Cathy Cole, Business

Mary Ann Rasmussen, Clas

Carol Scott-Conner, Medicine

Bernard Sorofman, Pharmacy

John Westefeld, Education


(Distributed via e-mail). Approved Unanimously


Name                                      College                              Retirement Date

Gary Gaeth                              CBUS                                 5/13/2022      

Kevin Felker                            CBUS                                 5/13/2022      

Daniel Collins                          CBUS                                 5/13/2022      

Mark Penno                             CBUS                                 5/13/2022      

Joyce Berg                               CBUS                                 5/13/2022      

Thomas Carroll                       CBUS                                 5/13/2022      

Steven Armstrong                   CDEN                                 6/30/2022      

Peter Blanchard                      CLAS                                  1/1/2022        

Charles Frohman                    CLAS                                  6/30/2022      

Yvonne Farley                         CLAS                                  6/30/2022      

Jian Huang                               CLAS                                  6/30/2022      

Kathleen Diffley                      CLAS                                  6/30/2022      

Victoria Sharp                         CCOM                               6/30/2022      

James Folk                               CCOM                               6/30/2022      

John Finamore                        CLAS                                  6/30/2022      

Daniel Diekema                      CCOM                               7/29/2022      

Diane Slusarski                        CLAS                                  6/30/2022      


Gilbert suggested that deceased be identified in the advance agenda so full consideration of their passing can be offered.

Deceased                                          College                    Date of Death

Charles Wunder                                CCOM                      6/5/2022

Hallowell Pope                                  CLAS                         5/15/2022

Don VanDyke                                    CCOM                      6/16/2022

Jordan Cohen                                    CPHA                        6/26/2022

James Sandrock                                CLAS                         6/6/2022

Erling Holtsmark                               CLAS                         7/17/2022

Moment of Silence

PERMISSIVE CONFERRAL OF EMERITUS STATUS FOR PROFESSOR RICHARD HOFFMAN, M.D.) – discussion postponed pending distribution of information


Sept. 6, Oct. 3, Nov 7, Dec. 5, 2022.

Feb. 6, Mar. 6, April 3, May 1, 2023.

EFC Annual Meeting May 15, 2023.


Hines has reserved Room A and it is Zoom equipped. Anderson moved that Hybrid be used for meetings. Atchison seconded and passed unanimously.



President: N. William Hines, Law

Vice President: Connie Berman, CLAS

Secretary: Christopher Atchison, Public Health

Valde moved acceptance - Lenth seconded - passed unanimously


Hines asked members to review their assignments and request adjustments as preferred

Hines also announced he is drafting a letter to be used to welcome new emeritus faculty and to make them aware of the Council and its activities.

Elections: Gilbert, Cole – report above

Annual Meeting/Program: Anderson – Asked for program suggestions from members. Kevin Kruger suggested. Reardon, Troester suggested speakers on benefits

Lecture Series: Gardinier, Gilbert and Scott Conner. Gardinier announced the next program is Jerald Schnoor at 4 p.m. Thursday, September 15th at the Kollros Aud (101BBE). Topic: Climate Change and Our Future

Gilbert announced all programs are planned to be in person.


Campus Planning: Anderson – Commented that there are many active plans, but it is still speculative to know which will be completed. E.g., changes in the Art building.  Anderson suggested this might be topic of interest for a future guest speaker

Communications Committee: Lenth - Website has been updated, asked members to review their information

Faculty Senate & Council: (report in attachment) Gardinier, Rasmussen – Gardinier said the Council met on Tuesday August 30 and announced the new officers.

President: Ann Rodriquez-Rodriquez

Vice-President: Edward Gillan

Secretary: Caroline Sheerin

Gardinier also reviewed items on the Council agenda including a report from the Instructional Faculty Track Review Committee, given by Anne Stapleton, which was accepted.

Discussion at the meeting included review of an August retreat with administration on topics such as burnout, morale, nursing staffing shortages, College of Medicine compensation, mental health among students, diversity and inclusion across campus. She also noted that the 5-year admin reviews will be restarting with the OVPR being one of the first to be undertaken. 

Berman asked about student needs for day care, Gardinier said not discussed.

FRIC: Shirazi, Sorofman – Met on Sept 2nd. Valde announced there is a proposed 9.7 increase in retirees’ insurance.  FRIC also will make speaker available for a future program. There is also a coverage information session scheduled for Sept 20th featuring Anderson, Gilbert, Atchison.

Hancher/Art Museum: Valde - Has not met

Libraries: Lenth, Cole and Scott-Conner – Has not met

Parking & Transportation: Odgaard, Scott-Conner – (report in attachment)

President’s Committee on Athletics: Hines, Westfeld – Meets Thursday.

Recreation Services: Atchison – not met

Research Council: Berman – not met

Senior College: Mitros (Ex Officio) – No report

UIRA: Cobb – No report



Formal coordination among EFC, UIRA & Senior College still under discussion

NEW BUSINESS: No new business


University of Iowa President Barbara Wilson

Hines introduced President Wilson

Pres. Wilson thank Hines and the Council for the invitation.  She noted that she completed her first year as President on July 1.

Wilson began by asking members to review p. 17 of University’s Strategic Plan which lays out 17 metrics which are guiding her administration.

Among the highlights in her report:

Wilson 5 priorities:

  1. Excellence in teaching and learning
  2. Innovative research and creative discovery.
  3. Welcoming and inclusive environment
  4. Holistic well-being and success
  5. Transformative social impact

Wilson noted there are 5,178 new students with plans to have 33,000 students in five years.

A critical focus for the Wilson administration is student success with a key being to find students who are at risk and providing support as well as creating a sense of belonging. This includes providing supports that address mental health and family and personal needs. 

Wilson said the national concern over student debt is less in Iowa where 50% graduate with no debt and within 6 mos. of graduation students are either employed or continuing their education.

Key to the University’s success is its faculty and she identified three strategies:

  1. Transformational faculty hiring program
  2. Iowa Mid-Career faculty scholar award
  3. High impact hiring initiative.

Wilson is looking to diversify research funding and noted that philanthropy has doubled in the last year.  She stated that a new fund-raising campaign will begin in the Fall.

Wilson emphasized the importance of the University to the State but also noted that the UIHC is at 95 % capacity and has a nursing shortage.

Wilson concluded by pointing out the University’s Impacting Iowa – One Community at a Time initiative begun 13 years ago.  More than 2,000 students have been involved with 316 projects in over 50 communities.

Hines asked the Council for questions

Berman asked about support for students as parents. Wilson responded that the University several childcare options and that the UIHC has outside childcare service. However, she does see needs on the East Side.

Rasmussen asked about at risk students – especially for women returning to work. Wilson agreed that this is a challenge. She is in active discussions with policymakers regarding how the University can help address this need.

Hines thanked President Wilson for her appearance.

Next meeting, October 3rd, Hybrid via Zoom and in Meeting Room A at Old Capitol

ADJOURNMENT at 11:09 a.m.