2023 - 2024 Officers of the Emeritus Faculty Council

President: Connie Berman
Vice-President: Russ Lenth
Secretary: Chris Atchison

The Council elects its own officers at the first meeting of the new year in September. Officers are President, Vice President (who shall be President-elect), and Secretary. Terms are for one year, commencing with July 1.

EFC Committees and Service Assignments for 2022-2023

  • Annual Meeting/Monthly Program CommitteeDiaz-Arnold, Kurtz, Westefeld (Berman, ex officio)
  • Communications Committee: Lenth, Gardinier, Sorofman
  • Elections Committee: Huber, Rasmussen, Silverman (Berman, ex officio)
  • Emeritus Faculty Lectures:  Scott-Conner, Stromquist, Zebrowski

Liaisons to University committees

  • AthleticsWestefeld, Zebrowski
  • Campus Planning: Odgaard
  • Faculty Council/Senate: Gardinier, Rasmussen
  • FRIC: Kurtz, Silverman
  • Hancher & Art Museum:  Diaz-Arnold, Sorofman
  • Libraries: Lenth, Huber
  • ​Parking & Transportation: Boe, Scott-Conner
  • Recreational Services Committee: Atchison
  • Research CouncilAtchison
  • Senior College:  Boe
  • UIRA

Council Members, by College