Association of Emeritus Faculty (AEF)

Membership in the AEF includes all persons who, before they retired, were eligible to vote in the election of members of the University of Iowa Faculty Senate. This includes all traditional tenured and tenure-track faculty members plus tenured, non-tenured, and salaried clinical faculty who hold the rank of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor. All those eligible are automatically members; there are no dues. Click here for the Bylaws of the Association. 

Emeritus Faculty Council (EFC)

The EFC is the executive committee of the Association of Emeritus Faculty of The University of Iowa. It is elected by members of the Association. The Council conducts the business of the Association between the Association's annual meetings. Click here for the Bylaws of the Association.

Goals of the AEF & EFC

The goals of the Association are to provide advice and assistance to its current and prospective members on matters of mutual concern, and to the University in carrying out its various missions.

In seeking to achieve these goals, the Association (and its EFC) shall establish and maintain contact with current and prospective emeritus faculty and consult on a regular basis with current Faculty Senate officers and appropriate University officials and offices.

In addition, the Association, at its annual or special meetings, and the Council, between such meetings, may consult with any individuals or groups and make recommendations to its members and/or to the University on any matters they deem appropriate. Click here for the Bylaws of the Association.

Makeup of the Emeritus Faculty Council (EFC)

To assure representation across the University, membership on the Council will include at least one representative from each college. In addition, so that the Council reflects, at least roughly, the difference in the number of emeriti from the different colleges, one additional representative per each 50 emeriti from a college will be added to the Council. The Provost or his/her designee shall serve ex-officio as liaison to the Council from the Office of the Provost.

Election of EFC Members

Elections will be done electronically, to be completed prior to July 1 each year. The first election was held in the year 2000. Original members of the Council were appointed by the Provost in 1999, with their terms commencing on July 1, 1999. Terms of office of members of the initial Council were staggered, so that six persons were appointed to a one-year term, six to a two-year term, and six to a three-year term. Members of the EFC are eligible for election for no more than two successive three-year terms. Click here for lists of members of the original and subsequent EFCs.

Requests for nominations will be provided electronically to Association members each spring. Election ballots will usually be provided in time to insure results by the time of the annual Association meeting in June. Details of election procedures are spelled out in the Association Bylaws.


The annual meeting of the Association of Emeritus Faculty (comprising all emeritus faculty) is held in May. See the meeting schedule (top-bar menu or linked below) for this year's date.

The Emeritus Faculty Council meets monthly, usually in 2520B University Capitol Center (UCC). Click here for a detailed schedule of meetings. Also look at the meeting schedule for an agenda of upcoming meetings, and minutes/reports from past meetings this academic year.