Monday, October 3, 2022

Recreation Services Charter Meeting

September 28, 2022

In attendance:

Charter Committee Members-Kent Becker, Dan Caplan, Evan Decker, Carson Gregory, Paul Hanley, Chris Odinet, Patrick Taylor, Ryan Westhoff

Erika Holm-Brown-UI Staff Council Member

Recreational Services Staff-Brian Baxter, Angela Charsha-Harney, David Francis, Michelle Harder, Pat Kutcher, Amy Lenderink, Jeanette Luke, Shea McMurray, Luke Mozena, David Patton, Caleb Recker, Tommy Schorer, Chris Spencer, Shelley Squier, Danelle Stipes, Erin Sullivan, JT Timmons, Mallory Valentine

Welcome: Carson Gregory, Student Chair, and Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services

Introductions of Committee Members & Recreational Services Staff: Carson Gregory

Annual Report: Q & A: Mallory Valentine, Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives

Annual Report was sent to all committee members in meeting invite; report attached in meeting minutes.

In previous years, Recreational Services has created an annual report for internal use only.

As a result of our External Review in 2021, we are trying to make this document be more outward-facing to departments on campus.

Paul Hanley – I think this is a really good idea to get this out rather than having people ask for this information.

Lagoon Shelter House: David Patton, Associate Director of Adventure Recreation

This is our newest “old” Recreational Services facility; stone building is located by Hancher, close to the Iowa River. Facility has been vacant for a long time and Recreational Services has recently taken it over from the IMU. We are working with Facilities Management and Landscape Services Departments on some small repairs on the outside for the facility. 

Our hope is to use this facility to host Adventure Recreation initiatives.

We hosted some events as part of On-Iowa Week. We showcased this facility as a pilot program and Recreational Services took over the space shortly afterward. Also using the facility for Lifetime Leisure Skills classes this fall and coming spring.

Looking to develop other partnerships on campus this fall.

Possible enhancements in the future:

Slacklining, firepit/patio area, mindfulness garden, hammock station, bouldering elements.

Question: Are there ADA concerns with this being a new building?

River access is the biggest challenge, and we are working on researching what it would take to make changes.

Michelle – There are multiple groups talking about this space as it relates to green space on campus, improving mental health initiatives, etc.

Question: Is the building accessible to students that are using the outdoor spaces?

That is part of what we are trying to determine regarding what will open access look like, is it only used for programming.

Turf Project at Hawkeye Recreation Fields (HRF): Caleb Recker, Associate Director of Facility Operations

West side of the HRF is getting synthetic turf installed.

There will be six flag football and ultimate-sized fields; overlayed on these will be two full-size soccer fields.

Drainage for the facility will be improved as well.

We estimate that the synthetic turf will add ~60 nights of additional programming due to weather and wet conditions being as much of a concern.

Lighting at the facility will be transitioned to LED as a separate project with timelines closely aligned.

As part of the synthetic turf project, we will be adding Wi-Fi to the west side of the facility and prep for the ability to add to the east side in the future.

Fencing around the facility will be replaced:

Moving from 6’ to 8’ fencing.

Adding an electronic gate with mobile control access.

Upgraded PA system

Question: What is the lifespan of the synthetic turf?

We are planning for 10-12 years but depends on usage.

Recap of Hustling Hawkeyes Sport Camps: Chris Spencer, Sport Programs Coordinator

Hustling Hawkeyes Sport Camps first took place in 2019 and had to be canceled in 2020 and 2021.

Eight-week camp that took place in June and July

391 total participants through the eight weeks; 10 campers went all eight weeks.

Average registrations per week were ~57 campers/week; max per week was 60.

Campers received T-shirts with their registration; we ordered way too many, but they can be used in future years.

After care was offered for those that couldn’t pick-up by the designated pick-up time.


Total gross revenue was just under $95K


Staffing ~$35,500

Equipment – ~$8,000

Net profit ~$52,000


What was the feedback from families?

Overall, very positive. There were a few constructive criticisms but overall, the feedback was positive.

      1. Do you plan to continue this program and/or expand?
        1. We plan to continue this next summer. Currently due to space and staffing, we don’t think we’ll be able to expand.
      2. What do you plan to do with the additional $52,000 in net revenue?
        1. Helps offset/subsidize costs in other areas of Sport Programs and/or the department in general.

  1. Update on Fall 2022 Facility Numbers: Shea McMurray, Assistant Director of Facility Operations
    1. Tabled until October meeting.
    2. Shea and Mallory will also try run some numbers in Fusion on Health Care workers and their membership to Recreational Services.

  1. New Business:
    1. Discussion on Future Meetings: In-person or Zoom option
      1. Two committee members like meeting in-person.
      2. Two committee members were indifferent.
      3. Three committee members like the option of both.
    2. Question: Patrick Taylor asked: Can we get an update on master planning and impact on recreational facilities for the next Charter Meeting?
      1. Yes, Michelle will add this topic to the agenda for October.

  1. Questions:
    1. Chris Odinet: Last semester the shortage of lifeguards was brought up and was a concern. Has that gotten better?
      1. Emily Downes: It has gotten better but our staffing numbers are not where they use to be before covid. There is a national shortage of lifeguards. Other barriers we are facing: recruitment of students finding out about our positions and our staff finding them; students being qualified for the position.

Submitted by Christopher Atchison

Senior College Committee Report (3 October 2022)

The Fall Semester is well underway with two courses already completed (Tim Hankewich’s course on Igor Stravinsky; Course on the World’s Great Wines). The total registration for all courses is now up to a total of 848 students; registration for several courses is still continuing. There is a mix of Zoom, hybrid, and in-person courses. For the hybrid courses the numbers choosing to attend by Zoom versus those attending in person are roughly equal. At the last monthly meeting the invited guest was Andre Perry, Director of Hancher Auditorium. The Senior College Committee discussed with him the ways in which the Senior College and Hancher can cooperate.  The Spring Semester schedule is nearly set; it will be released to the public in early January.

Submitted by Frank Mitros (liaison from Senior College to EFC)