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November, 2022 EFC Committee/Liaison Reports

Campus Planning Committee

Meeting Notes

Meeting Date: October 10, 2022

Members Present: Robert Bork, Richard Fosse, Bryan Garter, Erin Litton, Scott Spak,

Patrick Taylor, Ryan Westhoff

Others: Shawn Albaugh Kleppe, Charlie Anderson, Joe Bilotta, Mike Kearns,

Rod Lehnertz, Erin Shane, Ed Scherrer, Adele Vanarsdale, Chet Wieland,

Debby Zumbach


A proposal to create a temporary enclosure at the North Main Entrance of the State Hygienic

Laboratory under the overhang was presented. This location will be the public sample drop off

until the current project modifying the loading dock space is complete. The paneling of the

structure would mimic the building’s façade as best as possible in color and pattern.

Discussion included addressing snow and ice removal, potential drainage issues and clarification

of “temporary.”

Committee members expressed support in this temporary enclosure.


A proposal to expand the UIHC Emergency Power Generator Facility located at the Finkbine

Parking Lot was presented. The proposal depicts an addition the same size as the current facility,

a lighted driveway leading to a loading dock on the back side of the facility, and a façade copying

the façade of the existing generator facility.

Discussion included collaboration with Athletics about view plain and landscaping; needs for

sound baffling; and Mid-American Energy’s role as an energy provider.

Committee members supported this proposal as presented.


An update on the West Campus Parking Ramp was provided. The facility was proposed in the

Campus Parking Master Plan done in 2020. The facility is being designed as a 3-bay, 5-level

facility providing approximately 1000 parking spaces in a two-way configuration. The

construction schedule is estimated at 18 months. Some of the many goals of this facility include

safe and inviting parking, safe pedestrian access to/from WCTC and UIHC, secure bicycle storage,

electric vehicle charging stations.

Discussion included the incorporation of any new parking technology when the primary users of

the ramp is anticipated to be employees; landscape considerations; the potential of this facility

being a node in a people mover concept; and applauding the goals of this multimodal facility.


As part of the process for a major naming on campus, a proposal was shared that would name

the new Iowa Wrestling Training Facility. With a generous gift funded by the Goschke Family, the

new facility will be named the Goschke Family Wrestling Training Center.

Submitted by Charlie Anderson

Report on the Nov. 3, 2022 Meeting of the President’s Committee on Athletics

The meeting was convened by the Chair Catherine Zaharis at 4:00 pm.

After a vote to approve the Minutes of the Oct. 6, 2022 meeting, the Chair introduced the Guest Coach, Tyler Smith, Head Coach of Men’s Golf for the past 8 years. Smith reported on the success of the golf team and emphasized the importance of the recent improvements to Iowa’s golf facilities, which are shared with the Women’s golf team.

Men’s golf has been the runner-up in the Big Ten three times in recent years. Recruiting concentrates on Iowa and its border states, with the occasional international player being added. Men’s golf has recorded the highest GPA among Iowa men’s sports in most recent years.

The next item of business was a Power Point presentation on the Iowa Athletic Budget by Greg Davis. Several pie charts and budget comparisons to past years and to other Big Ten schools were discussed. Iowa Athletics has rebounded nicely from the low ebb reached during the height of the Covid epidemic, with revenue exceeding budget estimates by over $10 million this year. At just over $126 million, Iowa’s athletic budget ranks 8th among Big Ten schools.

PCA’s three standing Subcommittees reported next.

Academic Achievement had met and interviewed student athletes with very high grades to collect tips on how other student athletes might make improvements in their academic performance.

 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion also met to review the recently released Gender Equity Report.

At its most recent meeting, Student Athlete Well-Being reviewed the Athletic Department’s evolving support for student athlete mental health and discussed the new transfer rules.

ISAAC has been very active on a number of fronts. Post Covid, the participation in ISAAC activities has greatly increased. The Hawkeyes Supporting Hawkeyes program is being expanded.

Athletic Director Gary Barta reported on the recent meeting of the Big Ten Joint Council. No actions were taken, but several  pending NCAA proposals for rule changes were discussed. The 2023 Big Ten Football Schedule was approved and released.

Barta also reported on the winding down of fall sports and the beginning of winter sports. He announced the naming of the new wrestling training facility as the “Goschke Family Wrestling Training Center” in recognition of a $7 million gift from the family to support the project. He also called attention to two facilities improvement projects heading the Athletic Department’s list: a new gymnastics facility and renovation of the baseball stadium.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by Bill Hines

EFC Communications Committee report – November 7, 2022

  • Bernard Sorofman has agreed to collaborate in posting items on the EFC website. We are working with the Provost’s office IT staff to arrange for him to have the appropriate login access to the site and to the UI calendar (where we post events such as EFC Lectures).
  • Lenth has been in communication with Lesanne Fliehler (UIRA counterpart) in case they want any of their events included in our News page.
  • The Meetings/Minutes part of the site has been reorganized somewhat. Previously, the meeting-schedule page was organized by academic year, with links to agendas; and the minutes and reports appeared accordion-style on a separate page, organized by calendar year.
    In the new configuration, two columns (for agendas and reports) have been added to the meeting-schedule page; agendas, Zoom links, agendas, minutes, and reports are all linked there, and everything is organized by academic year. (The old minutes/reports page has now turned into just an archive of previous materials.) We think this change will make the meeting materials easier to navigate, and the site easier to maintain.

Russ Lenth and Bernard Sorofman

Faculty Senate Meeting

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Submitted by Maryann Rasmussen

New Business

  1. Funded Retirement and Insurance Committee Update

Julie Urmie and Joni Troester

--Review of changes to 2023 premium rates and coverage.

--Presentation on the company, Health Equity Management, which will process all FSA claims, health and dependent care, for the university starting in 2023.   Reasons for moving in this direction: processing time complaints and desire to improve service for university employees.

--Topics for the coming year: Drug benefits, access to and capacity of Level One providers, and mental health coverage.

  1. Report on the Well-Being and Mental Health Campus Collaborative 

Joni Troester and Tanya Villhauer (co-chairs)

--Steering Committee charge: Develop a framework that supports and strengthens student and employee health and well-being; develop key performance indicators; evaluate existing programs; identify needs of diverse groups; be inclusive and culturally responsive; expand curricular and co-curricular learning; gather and use existing data to establish priority areas; increase student awareness of and access to programs and services.

--Suggestions made by faculty during discussion: Connect to and collaborate with local efforts and organizations; address the economic and cultural conditions that can cause anxiety among students and the conditions of labor which can cause mental and physical stress among faculty and staff; acknowledge and address the ways in which administrative policies can negatively impact the mental health and wellbeing of faculty and staff.

  1. Report from the Office of the Ombudsperson

Chanelle Reese, University Ombudsperson

Review of the “types of visitors” and the chief concerns of those who sought the help of the Ombudsperson’s Office. 

Nearly one in three visitors indicated disrespectful behavior as a concern.  This is an 8% increase from r4% last year. 

The other main concern was bullying.  The office received multiple requests for assistance to address the perceived bullying behavior initiated by supervising faculty members, physicians and/or principal investigators in research labs.

Numerous visitors expressed concerns regarding work environments on the health sciences and health care campus.

Recommendations: Proactive coaching of PIs and faculty members on the importance to funding agencies of positive work environments and the risks to the university of loss of productivity, personnel, and federal funding and policy violations leading to legal action.

  1. Instructional Faculty Track Review Committee Report—Ana Rodriguez-Rodriguez  

reported on what was discussed from the report in the last Faculty Council meeting—dispute resolution procedures, greater Faculty Senate participation, changes to title and rank, clarification of instructional track roles and obligations, and overall problems with morale.  Concerns were raised in Faculty Council about changing the cap on Instructional Track Faculty participation in Faculty Senate based on their inability, because of their NTT status, to “openly voice their concerns” or fully understand university policy.  Concerns were also raised that because of their heavy teaching and service obligations they should be spared participation in faculty governance.  Prof. Rodriguez-Rodriguez reminded the Senate that any changes to the constitution (“this is a constitutional issue”) will need a majority in the Senate for approval

  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sparkshop: Faculty Senate Survey Results. Anna Flaming, Director, Center for Teaching.

Key topics: managing conflict, helping stressed students, dealing with microaggression.


  1. Sparkshop on Pronouns by Erin Stresow, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  1. President’s Report (Ana Rodriiguez-Rodriguez)   

Library Committee Meeting - 10/9/22

This meeting was on Zoom, but subsequent meetings will be hybrid.

Topics discussed:

  1. A move to modernize the charge for this committee as stated in the operations manual was approved by Faculty Senate and now is in the hands of provost. The current charge does not reflect the transition to electronic collections
  2. The library saved money by culling collections.  With the saved money they plan to Investing in staff, adjust salaries and increase FTE’s
  3. Facilities Improvement: (1) Modernization of the Main library is in progress, but deferred maintenance costs are high (2) Health Sciences Hardin Library is/has been renovated Hardin Library.
  4. Topics for future meetings: Special Collections and Shared position between art museum and library; Exhibition Space

Submitted by Cathy Cole

UI Parking and Transportation Committee meeting October 20, 2022

Minutes from the meeting are at the end of this report. The following notes are comments for thoughts ...

The expansions of the West Campus are creating challenges for Parking and Transportation. Even more so as students and faculty are returning to campus life again after the COVID. As seen in the minutes, most new projects right now are around the UIHC – where the shortage of parking and transportation infrastructure is already critical. With the UIHC being one of the top revenue generators on campus, and indeed in the state, we should all be concerned – even (and perhaps especially) those of us who are retired. The numbers reported in the minutes speak for themselves.

Most of the meeting was a discussion among Parking and Transportation staff about parking options during construction as well as in the future. Representatives from the Graduate Professional Student Government (Rhianna Lightle, Geneva Guadalupe, and Riley Post) had been invited to take part in the discussion. Their input was refreshing.

From our perspective, one of the good news is that there will be no rate increases the next year – which would have been a double whammy. For those of our members who need access to UIHC care on a regular basis, the best recommendation is to keep the nose to the ground and communicate concerns and perhaps even ideas directly with Erin Shane. It was encouraging to hear that the department is staying tuned to ideas and solutions from other universities around the states.

There was no discussion of the obvious solution of (expensive) underground parking. Or of a dedicated shuttle service to less expensive remote parking. Or of other unorthodox out-of-the- box solutions. I’m sure the students in our senior design classes would be thrilled if they were offered a chance to ‘dream’ – and get credit for it ...

Notes by A. Jacob Odgaard, Observer from the Emeritus Faculty Council

Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes 10/20/2022
Via Zoom

Members Present: Pamella Hughes, Nick Nachtman, Kara Park, Camden Studer, Debra Trusty, Rebecca Wilson, David Wittenberg

Staff/Others Present: Geneva Guadalupe, Rhianna Lightle, Brian McClatchey, Jacob Odgaard, Riley Post, Erin Shane, Debby Zumbach and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent: Connor French, Paul Hanley, Madeline Wilson

Meeting began at 1:32 pm

Carrie took roll call based on Zoom attendance

Approval of meeting minutes

  • March 29, 2022 and September 9, 2022
  • Any questions or additions to the minutes?

o None

  • Moved and seconded to approve the meeting minutes as presented

Graduate Professional Student Government (GPSG) Discussion

  • Introduction of special guests, Riley, Geneva and Rhianna
  • West campus parking options for graduate students

o Law students are especially frustrated

  • Not enough parking
  • Not enough accessible parking, both temporary and permanent
  • Bionic Bus services could be an option
  • Check out all the information on accessible parking options

o Heard about the expansion at Myrtle Lot
o Met with new Director of Public Safety, Mark Bullock § Uptick in crime against students near UIHC

• Projects coming very soon
o Next three years is going to be a messy situation during several construction projects

§ West Campus Parking Ramp on a portion of Lot 43 (Hawkeye Ramp) • Spring 2023 – November 2024

§ Loss of Lot 14 for a new academic building • Spring 2023 – November 2024

§ Expansion of Lot 48
• Summer 2023

§ Oakdale

  • Proposed to add gravel lots to accommodate student storage needs
  • Summer 2023

• Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
o Demand for parking is extremely high

o Use of other options

  • §  All options were impacted by pandemic
  • §  Starting to see a rebound


o City bus passes
§ Student bus passes via Coralville and Iowa City Transit systems

o UI Rideshare network o Zipcar

  • §  Carsharing program
  • §  No longer here
  • §  Hope to get a similar program back on campus

o 380 Express
§ Option in response to the construction project on I-80/I-380

o Bicycles

  • About 5k bicycle parking spaces across campus
  • Launched use of Bike Index in Fall 2022
  • Registration system that can aid in recovery of lost/stolen bicycles

o Parking

  • Approximately 17k stalls in system
  • General target for occupancy is about 90% for effective parking supply
  • 2.4 million cashiered transactions in last fiscal year
  • 22k active permits in October
  • Changes every day
  • Parking Waitlist

• Based on seniority date and working location

§ Student Parking Trends

• 59% increase in student parking permits from 2013 to 2023

• Myrtle Lot – Lot 48
o Blend of faculty/staff permits and law students

• More cars on campus than ever
o Making it work as best we can

o No major gains in terms of inventory yet the demand is soaring • No student permit waitlists prior to 2019

o Most often the waitlist works itself out

o This year, we have almost 500 on the waitlist still in October • Feedback

o What incentives for UIHC to not drive § Costs less money

o Can Parking and Transportation incentivize people not to drive and park on the west campus during construction? o Last bus is at 6:30pm

  • §  Iowa City Transit does not offer later schedule options
  • §  Graduate students are on campus pretty late in the evening

o Is there anything that we can be doing (GPSG)? o Plans for Westlawn?

§ No plans for parking expansion there

o Potential for changes at Dental Lot
o Night and weekend permit

  • Why has this permit soared in sales?
  • When safety is more of a concern
  • Need for better lighting and better security in lots that require a walk

o What is the short-term solution for law students?

§ CAMBUS or public parking facilities

o CAMBUS has not been able to restore all services specifically to the Cultural Centers § Drop-off location for CAMBUS

o Really is a perfect storm o CAMBUS On-Demand

§ Something for the future

o More to come from this discussion

Hawkeye Ramp update

  • Approximately 1,000 spaces
  • Project will begin next year
  • 18 months to construct
  • Road name will change to Hawkeye Ramp Drive (Lot 43 North Drive)
  • Using Construction Manager-at-Risk process for the first time
  • Overview of facility plans

Parking Rate update

  • No rate increases for FY 2024
  • Look into the possibility of allowing the first hour free in public facilities

o Already have first 30 minutes free
o City of Iowa City does the first hour free o More to come on this one

Next meeting

  • November 30 at 1:30pm via Zoom
  • Future meeting topics

o Please reach out to any of us if you have ideas § Kara, Erin, Debby or Carrie


  • Motion to adjourn and seconded
  • Meeting ended at 2:59 pm

Submitted by A. Jacob Odgaard, Observer from the Emeritus Faculty Council

October 7, 2022 FRIC meeting.


  1. September FRIC minutes approved.  They note for employees dental increased 3% and UI Choice / Select increased 6% across all plans/employee pools.  Retiree increase 9.7%
  2. Retirement plan fund change for participants in the 403 mandatory and voluntary plans administered through TIAA.    (To my knowledge it does not affect retired UI citizens.)   Considering replacement of the current lifecycle fund with the TIAA Retire Plus program for all plan participants in the current lifecycle fund.   New fund, Retire Plus, has guaranteed income component, decreases volatility, lowers participant expense, and may increase income for participant.   If approved fund change is planned to implement January 1, 2024. 
  3. Insurance enrollment:  retiree ‘landing page’ for information / help to be opened October 7, 2022.


Submitted by Bernard Sorofman

Recreation Services Charter Meeting

November 1, 2022

Submitted by Chris Atchison

In attendance:

Charter Committee Members: Chris Atchison, Kent Becker, Daniel Caplan, Evan Decker, Carson Gregory, Brock Matheason, Patrick Taylor, Ryan Westhoff,

Recreational Services Staff: Brian Baxter, Angela Charsha-Harney, David Francis,
Michelle Harder, Allyson Herman, Pat Kutcher, Amy Lenderink, Jeanette Luke, Shea McMurray, Luke Mozena, Dave Patton, Caleb Recker, Matt Schaefer, Tommy Schorer, Amy Smith, Chris Spencer, Shelley Squier, Matt Stancel, Danelle Stipes, Erin Sullivan, JT Timmons, Mallory Valentine, Adam Walsh

Guest Speaker: Adele Vanarsdale

  1. Welcome: Carson Gregory, Student Chair, and Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services

  1. Master Plan for Campus Recreation Facilities: Adele Vanarsdale, Director of Campus Project Planning
    1. PDF of presentation is attached to the meeting minutes

  1. Fall Break Hours: Michelle Harder

Our recreation facilities go to break hours when the University goes on break for fall semester

Fall Break Hours start on Saturday, November 19 through Sunday, November 27

RS Facility Staff review and look at past usage and counts from each facility before determining break hours each year

Regular fall semester hours beginning on Monday, November 28 through Friday, December 16

Winter Break hours are also attached

  1. New Business:

Michelle Harder

      1. Health Fair is Wednesday, November 2 at the Field House from 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
      2. I will send out the meeting minutes and we will look to hold one more meeting prior to finals week
      3. Next Tuesday, November 8 the CRWC is a polling place for elections; will take place in the south end of the facility
  1. Questions: