Monday, December 5, 2022



9:30 a.m. Monday, December 5, 2022

(Live meeting at Old Capitol Conference Center, Meeting Room A, 2d Floor, Old Capitol Mall, With Zoom Connection.

Chair Hines called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Roll Call:  EFC Members Attending: Christopher Atchison, Constance Berman, Deborah Cobb, Cathy Cole, Minnetta Gardinier, Miriam Gilbert, Bill Hines, Russell Lenth, Jacob Odgaard, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Carol Scott-Conner, Siroos Shirazi, Bernard Sorofman, Jill Valde, John Westefeld

EFC Members Absent: Charlie Anderson, Sam Cochran

Approval of Minutes: November 8, 2022 – Approved unanimously.

New Emeritus Faculty

Mary Trachsel     CLAS

John Nelson         CLAS

Deceased Emeritus Faculty

William Kirk                 CLAS                 10/20/2022

Nicholas Rossi             CCOM              11/05/2022

Rafiq Waziri                 CCOM              10/12/2022

Helen Goldstein          CLAS                 11/08/2022

Joan Cantor                  CLAS                 10/27/2022

Louis Hoffmann           CCOM              11/16/2022

Bill Field                        CPH                  11/04/2022

Moment of Silence

Reports from EFC Committees

  • Elections: Gilbert & Cole; No report
  • Program: Anderson & Westefeld; Westefeld announced the February presentation will be H.D Hoover discussing the Senior College, Kevin Kregel will be annual meeting speaker. He also said he is looking for a speaker on new campus construction projects and requested suggestions from EFC members. 
  • Lecture Series: Gardinier, Gilbert & Scott-Conner; Gardinier reviewed the Fall programs, but noted there has been a problem with the recording of presentations. She is exploring a Spring discussion on inflammation and long covid.
  • Webpage: Lenth, Sorofman – No report

Reports from Liaisons to University Committees

  • Campus Planning: Anderson: No report
  • Faculty Senate and Council: Gardinier & Rasmussen: Minutes Attached. Gardinier announced the Faculty Senate met on 11-15 and the minutes of that meeting are attached.  She also said Lois Geist asked for emeritus member of the mentoring committee. Gardinier and Gilbert have volunteered and are serving on several working committees working on leadership and mentoring.
  • FRIC: Shirazi & Sorofman: Shirazi said the last FRIC discussion was on emergency room services. They have formed a committee to get Rx vendor. He also noted the increasing cost of coverage may lead physicians to pursue VA appointments for health coverage.
  • Hancher & Art Museum: Valde; No report of meetings being scheduled – Hines will send a note to the heads of the two organizations regarding participation.
  • Libraries: Lenth & Cole: Oct 9th meeting. Budget re-allocations to support staff. Will be modernizing the main and health sciences library.  Lenth attended November meeting – discussed electronic journals and the industry’s strategies to increase revenues. Pay to publish rather than to purchase articles.  But federal agencies are moving to open access. Gilbert said this is an important issue to follow.
  • Parking & Transportation: Odgaard & Scott-Conner: Scott-Connor will forward minutes. She highlighted several topics that were discussed, busses are moving to a on demand rather than set schedules, and there are ongoing efforts to reduce car traffic on campus.
  • President’s Committee on Athletics: Hines: Minutes are in the file.  Hines said the last meeting was brief but there was discussion on the strength of women’s softball with Iowa native players, and on-going plans to re-purpose of various athletic facilities.
  • Recreational Services: Atchison – no meeting in Dec
  • Research Council: Berman: no report
  • Senior College: Mitros: No report
  • UIRA: Cobb: The formal relationship between UIRA and the University is moving ahead, with newly hired staff support. Programs have included Stanley Arts, Health Insurance and President Wilson.

Old Business: Hines suggested amending our Bylaws to add a new section on permissive emeritus status in which we state the criteria we regularly apply in deciding on our recommendation? Gardiner suggested the Operations Manual ought to be the primary source of information.  Gilbert and Hines will work on a draft plan.

New Business: Discussion of 12/02/2022 email report from Gilbert on ITS Services for emeritus faculty.  There is an operating distinction between working on campus or at home.  Business school makes decision based on whether it is University equipment or not. In correspondenc Steve Fleagle commented that there are differences between how the Colleges oversee support. Valde suggested we work with IT (Fleagle) to see what can be done for emeritus faculty.  The availability of software is a problematic development. An invitation to Fleagle to attend the February meeting to discuss what the future possibilities for emeritus faculty might be.  Gardinier noted that there are “benefits” attached to emeritus status e.g. parking and health insurance. Could that be attached to the concept that emeritus are “paid” status.

Adjourned at 10:49 – next meeting:  February 5, 2023