Monday, March 6, 2023

February 2023 - EFC Committee/Liaison Reports


Pres Committee on Athletics

Prepared by Bill Hines

The meeting was convened by PCA President, Kathryn Zaharis at 4:00 p.m. on February 2, 2023.

The first order of business was approval of the Minutes of the Dec.  1, 2022 PCA Meeting.

The Chair then introduced Jim Barnes, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, who gave a brief report on his first year as coach of the Iowa volleyball team. Coach Barnes is a very enthusiastic coach and a dynamic speaker. He described to the PCA how he builds championship teams, and he laid out his plans for making Iowa competitive for the Big Ten championship. He noted that the Big Ten is the premier women’s volleyball conference in the nation, so it will take time and concerted effort to raise Iowa’s standing. But Coach Barnes is committed to making Iowa a consistent winner in volleyball, and he is confident he can make Iowa a Big Ten power.

Next item of business was a lengthy report on Sports Performance from Lyla Cleery, Assoc. Dir. of Athletics, and her staff. The gist of the report was that five years ago Iowa was one of the first Big Ten schools to consolidate all of the personnel and services concerning sports performance—medical staff, trainers, strength coaches, dieticians, psychologists, and mental health staff-- into a single support and service unit. Many of the staff were given appointments in UIHC to facilitate their work in supporting student athletes. Five years into this holistic approach, everyone involved believes Iowa is offering substantially better sports performance support than ever.

The PCA Subcommittees then presented brief reports on their work.

Academic Achievement met to review the various university and athletic programs available to assist “at risk” student athletes to succeed in their academic work.

At the meeting of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion subcommittee, members interviewed a small group of student athletes to learn their views on how the Athletic Department is performing on the DEI front. Also discussed was the idea of creating special awards for student athletes excelling in DEI activities.

The Student Athlete Well-Being subcommittee had not met since the December PCA meeting.

The report from ISAAC was impressive, as usual. ISAAC turned out 180 student athletes to support Iowa’s women’s basketball team at a recent game. ISAAC is gearing up for a large student athlete presence at the upcoming Dance Marathon and is looking for more ways for student athletes to become actively involved in community activities.

Athletic Director Gary Barta gave short reports on Big Ten and NCAA activities.  NIL’s use in recruiting is a hot topic nationally after news reports of a huge Florida recruiting offer made public. Big news is that Charlie Barker, former Governor of Massachusetts, is the new NCAA President, and Big Ten Director Warren resigned after only three years in office to become the President of the Chicago Bears.  A search is underway for a new Big Ten leader. Barta also reported on the notable success of Iowa’s winter sports teams.

It was announced that the March meeting of PCA has been rescheduled to Feb. 28 because it conflicted with the Big Ten basketball tournament, which many Athletic Department staff must attend.

The meeting was adjourned by the Chair at 5:10 p.m.

 Report on Pres Committee on Athletics Meeting,

Feb. 28, 2023

Prepared by Bill Hines

The meeting was called to order by Chair Zaharis at 4:00 p.m. in the Tippie Room at the Hansen Iowa Football Performance Center. It was explained that this was the March meeting of PCA moved forward two days because too many Athletic Dept. staff would not be in town at the regularly scheduled time owing to their attendance at the Women’s Basketball Tournament in Minneapolis.

  1. The first order of business was approval of the Minutes for the Feb. 6, 2023 PCA meeting.
  2. Next, Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz was introduced as the coach speaker for this meeting. He delivered extensive remarks tracing the evolution of football facilities in the over 20 years he has served as Head Football Coach. He then offered some comments on the current state of the Iowa football program, indicating that it was in much better shape than might be believed from media coverage. He explained that Iowa has always been a football program that depends heavily on the development of players who may not start out as Big Ten caliber talent, many of them walk-ons, but who through training and hard work mature into excellent athletes.  The Iowa program also places a heavy emphasis on preparing for life after football. He then talked about the effect on Iowa football of the recent rule changes regarding the Transfer Portal and the Name, Image, and Likeness authorization given to Student Athletes to monetize their athletic profile.

This portion of Ferentz’s remarks were covered extensively in local newspapers. He compared today’s situation in collegiate football to a time in the 1980s when he was an Assistant NFL coach and Free Agency was just entering the NFL scene.  He observed that while change may be necessary, it can be very difficult to make the necessary adjustments early in the new paradigm. He further commented that in his opinion today it has become just a little too easy for players “to decided that they are unhappy and need to go compete elsewhere.” He gave several examples of recent players’ moves to and from the Iowa football program to illustrate his point, describing situations he applauded where the move worked out well for the player and others when it definitely did not. He said the NCAA has tried to make clear that NIL packages are not to be used as recruitment incentives, but that obviously is still happening. Coach Ferentz also answered several questions from PCA members.

  1. PCA members were then provided a lengthy Power Point presentation by the Senior Athletic Staff detailing all the issues currently rising in intercollegiate sports that impact Iowa, including a number of legal issues.  Iowa’s response to the new NIL and the Transfer Portal rules were prominently featured.
  2. The three PCA internal committees then reported on their most recent meetings.

Academic Achievement reported that the overall graduation rate for Iowa student athletes was 88%, 1% point below the Big Ten average.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity reported on a joint meeting with Student Athlete Well-Being to address common issues relating to mental health.

  1. ISAAC reported great success in their support of the Dance Marathon, which established a new record for funds raised. Also reported was a planned Day of Service in which all student athletes would be asked to volunteer for a wide range of community service activities.
  2. A.D. Gary Barta reminded the group that NCAA has a new President who is just taking office, and the Big Ten is now searching for a new Conference Commissioner. Because of these changes in leadership, neither group has been engaged in much new regulatory activity. Barta also noted the very successful wrap up of men’s and women’s basketball seasons, the high seeds for Iowa wrestlers in the Big Ten wrestling tournament, and Iowa’s upcoming hosting of the Big Ten women’s gymnastics tournament.
  3.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

UI Parking and Transportation Committee meeting February 17, 2023

Notes by A. Jacob Odgaard, Observer from the Emeritus Faculty Council

Copies of the agenda and first draft of minutes are attached. There were no issues deemed urgent to our members; the draft minutes are attached only for general information.

Our members would likely be most interested in the West Campus Traffic Study Update. The discussion focused on proposed changes to Hawkins Drive. Options under consideration are indicated in minutes. The sense from the discussion was that Option 3 is the preferred option. Currently, funding is being pursued for construction of (part of) a shared-use path adjacent to Hawkins Drive.

Maria Bruno’s report from the Staff Council Committee on Committees was interesting in that it singled out P and T committee accomplishments the past year to be proud of. They included guest speakers from GPSG (Graduate Professional Student Government). The GPSP reps were given an opportunity to voice their complaints about parking. Should the EFC consider requesting a similar meeting with an opportunity to voice complaints or ideas for consideration by the P and T Committee (if deemed useful or desirable)?

Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda Friday, February 17, 2023 3:30pm-5:00pm
Meeting held via Zoom

  1. Approval of 11/30/22 meeting minutes
  2. CRANDIC study RFP
  3. CAMBUS CDL update
  4. West campus traffic study updates
  5. Housekeeping
  6. Adjourn

Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes 2/17/2023
Via Zoom

Meeting began at 3:32pm

Members Present: Paul Hanley, Pamella Hughes, Kevin Krause, Nick Nachtman, Kara Park, Camden Studer, Debra Trusty, Madeline Wilson

Staff/Others Present: Maria Bruno, Brian McClatchey, Jacob Odgaard, Erin Shane, Debby Zumbach and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent: Connor French and Rebecca Wilson

Carrie took roll call based on Zoom attendance

Approval of meeting minutes

  • November 30, 2022 meeting
  • Any comments or changes?

o No comments or changes • Motion to approve and seconded

o Minutes have been approved

Staff Council Committee on Committees

  • Introduction of Maria Bruno
  • Encourage staff members to participate in various committees
  • What are members of this committee responsible for?
  • Listen and give feedback on ideas to issues presented in meetings
  • Helpful to use current services offered to provide a personal opinion on certain things
  • What are you looking for in a good member?
    How do you get to work?
    What is your mode of transportation?

Commuter, Bicycler, Bus rider, Walker
Willing to participate in discussions
Someone who will ask questions and bring ideas to the table Open-minded individuals, not a one-size-fits-all decision process

• What have we all accomplished that we are proud of?

Tour of NADS

  • Field trip to National Advanced Driving Simulator
  • Driving Safety Research Institute – new name taking effect next week

o Invited others as guest speakers

▪ GPSG was able to attend a meeting to voice their complaints about parking o Left parking rates unchanged

o Input and opinions matter in this committee compared to others • What could be shared with new candidates?

o Next three-year cycle will be tough road with many different construction projects ▪ Members will likely receive complaints from campus

o Once per month commitment, do not meet during the summer • Application due date is March 31 to apply for committee openings


  • Initiated by City of Iowa City/MPOJC
  • Rail line that runs between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids
  • Interest in looking at passenger rail
  • Study is completed
  • Potential feasibility
  • Look at some other options

o Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
▪ Dedicated roadway for buses

o Rail between Iowa City and North Liberty o Bicycle trail for corridor
o Much discussion to happen

  • Challenge will be funding/matching dollars
  • Many questions to answer
  • Much more to come
  • Question

o Is the AMTRAK service from Iowa City to Chicago part of this? ▪ Separate from this option

CAMBUS CDL update • Handout

• CAMBUS drivers need to obtain Class B Commercial Driver’s License including endorsements for passengers and airbrakes o Obtaining the license requires the following:

▪ Passing three (3) written tests to obtain CDL permit
• CAMBUS new hires must pass these tests prior to their first day at CAMBUS

  • Complete entry-level driver training (ELDT) program
    • Includes both classroom and driving components
    • Must complete training program prior to taking the CDL skills test
  • Once a driver has passed all three (3) components of the skills test, then they receive the full Class B CDL needed
  • Drivers will complete additional training to practice driving routes with a supervising driver

• Scheduling tests became difficult during the pandemic

o DOT went from first come, first serve to scheduled appointments only o Wait time for appointments went to 2-3 weeks for permit
o If they didn’t pass, they had to schedule another appointment
o License appointments took even longer

o Can lose employees because of the wait times • New training regulations

o New standards were established
o Training program had to be modified
o Required to hire full-time employees to run training program
o Hired two new full-time trainers to meet the two years of required driving experience

• Pandemic forced CAMBUS to miss out on two hiring cycles o Created a significant staffing shortfall

• Change in legislation opened the door for CAMBUS to apply as a 3rd party tester o We have two certified testers and will have a third in the near future o Huge improvement
o Could provide testing for other entities outside of CAMBUS

• Questions from the group
o Are we monetizing training for others outside of CAMBUS?

▪ Came up with a fee for that service o Where is the training taking place?

  • Working on a permanent location
  • DOT has to approve the location
  • Current locations being used
    • CAMBUS Maintenance Facility
    • Lot 45
  • Train about 65 new drivers each year
  • 160 student employees is considered full staffed
  • Very busy – 30 students currently in training
  • Very soon CAMBUS will be able to proxy the permit written test

West campus traffic study updates

  • Handout
  • Consultant attended our September meeting
  • March 2010 was the last traffic study
  • Needed a new study to incorporate the new 10-year facility master plan

o 37 intersections involved in the study
o Study horizon is 20 years
o Weekday traffic volumes were collected in Spring 2022 o Annual growth rate applied per MPOJC

• Existing conditions confirmed
o Access to west campus area is limited o Three transit agencies service this area o Pedestrian network
o Concentration of hospital ramps

• Road network changes
o Hawkins Drive – expand to 3 lane

o New road to connect Hawkins and Newton with a roundabout

o Two-way traffic on Byington • Building/Project Impacts

o How will all the changes impact the road network? • Hawkins Drive Reconstruction

o Hawkins to Melrose o Phases

  • Accommodate both bus and bicycle traffic
  • Pursuing grant funding from a program at MPOJC

o Options

▪ Widen to add bicycle lanes

  • Construct a shared-use path adjacent to Hawkins
  • Convert to 3-lane with bicycle lanes

o Funds would not be ready to use until 2027

• Question
o Can we put a shared-use path on the right side of Evy close to Highway 6? o Need to check on that

• Agenda items

o Always looking for new agenda items

o Feel free to contact Kara, Erin, Debby or Carrie if you have any ideas

  • Next meeting is on Friday, March 24


  • Motion to adjourn and seconded
  • Meeting ended at 4:42pm

Senior College Report   February 6, 2023

By Frank Mitros

The Fall Semester Sessions (see attached PDF) concluded in November of 2022 and were met with a great deal of success. There were ten courses, each typically 4 weeks long (2 hour sessions, once a week).There were over 800 registrants. Courses were given in several formats (Zoom only 4, in person 4, hybrid Zoom and in person 2).

The Spring Semester Sessions (see attached PDF) began on January 25th. Thus far there are 985 registrants (some register for more than one course). Thirteen courses are being given in several formats (Zoom only 5, in person 7, hybrid Zoom and in person 1).  Three courses are now underway. Registration is still open for the last 9 courses.

The registration fee remains $30 per course; this fee has remained unchanged since the inception of Senior College. Students have generally been happy with the Zoom format. Use of this format allows for larger class sizes. The Zoom format also eliminates some of the barriers to sight and hearing that were problems in some of our classrooms in the past. It also eliminates problems with travel, parking and mobility. However, some students and instructors favored the in person format. As the degree of danger from COVID has lessened, there has been a cautious return to the in person and hybrid formats. The use of the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts provides enough space for significant separation between students; mask usage is encouraged. While the Hybrid format seemed to promise the best of both worlds, the courses using this format have had technical difficulties (basically difficulties in simultaneously  accommodating the needs and desires of in person and Zoom attendees.

Planning for the Fall Semester of 2023 is well underway and several courses (topics and instructors) have been finalized.

The Senior College continues to provide a significant means of outreach to the University community and the community at large, utilizing the large pool of talent our retired and current Faculty and Staff provide

Recreation Services CHARTER


January 31, 2023

Submitted by Christopher Atchison

  1. In attendance:
    1. Charter Committee Members: Kent Becker, Dan Caplan, Evan Decker, Carson Gregory, Patrick Taylor
    2. Recreational Services Staff: Brett Cline, Chris Conway, Deb Cutler, Emily Downes, David Francis, Michelle Harder, Allyson Herman, Jeanette Luke, Shea McMurray, Luke Mozena, David Patton, Caleb Recker, Matt Schaefer, Tommy Schorer, Chris Spencer, Matt Stancel, Danelle Stipes, Erin Sullivan, Mallory Valentine, Mike Valentine, Adam Walsh

  1. Welcome: Carson Gregory, Student Chair, and Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services

  1. Recreational Services Program and Facility Updates: Recreational Services Staff

    1. Fitness – Matt Stancel, Assistant Director of Fitness
            1. Group Fitness
              1. ~130 classes each week (both virtual and in-person classes)
              2. Increase in in-person and virtual classes
              3. New contract with Les Mills: Increased from six classes to 11
              4. Hosting a Yoga fit training certification March 25 and 26
            2. Increased class offerings by about 15%, mostly at the Field House
            3. Personal Training
              1. Continues to grow, busy season right now
              2. Had some shortcoming in quantity last semester
              3. Back up to full strength in quality and quantity of staffing
            4. Fit to Go is up and running
              1. If you need help with funding, you can apply for a $500 grant through the UI LiveWell program
    2. Aquatics
      1. Allyson Herman, Aquatic Coordinator and David Francis, Assistant Director of Aquatics
        1. A lot of swim meets in February
          1. IHSAA Boy’s State Swimming Championships, Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11
          2. Missouri Valley Conference Swimming and Diving Championships hosted by UNI; Wednesday through Saturday, February 15 – 18
          3. IASI Short Course Championships; February 23 – 26; senior state for athletes 13 and older
          4. Iowa Masters Short Course Championships: March 25
          5. Women’s Water Polo Tournament—BIG Ten Tournament; April 22 and 23
          6. David Armbruster Open; May 19 – 21
          7. USA Master Diving Spring Nationals; July 13 – 16
          8. IASA Long Course Championships; July 20 - 23
        2. We try to provide as much open recreation swim times as possible during all of these events for our patrons and members
        3. Both sessions, swim lessons went well in the fall
        4. Continuing with two sessions in the spring
        5. Also offering certification classes
    3. Adventure Recreation – David Patton, Associate Director of Adventure Recreation
      1. Climbing Wall
        1. Started youth climbing program last weekend that will last 12 more weeks; All spots are full
        2. Annual climbing competition on Saturday, February 11; about half full right now
        3. Women’s Trans-Fem community event
        4. Bouldering wall route setting competition in March. Have introduced a new way of participants determining their own routes
      2. LLS Classes
        1. Cross-country skiing last weekend; 30 attendees
        2. Winter camping class last weekend; 15 people
        3. Snowshoeing class scheduled this weekend, but forecast isn’t looking too good (class did go)
        4. Spring Break
          1. Group going to Big Bend; another group going to Escalante Canyon; and another group going Scuba Diving in Florida
        5. Classes every weekend after Spring Break; very busy
      3. Lagoon Shelter House is winterized right now but we’re planning for programming when the weather warms back up
    4. Sport Programs – Adam Walsh, Assistant Director of Sport Programs
      1. Intramural Sports had a really good fall in terms of participation numbers
      2. League sports seem to be regaining momentum which is an opposite trend from pre-COVID
      3. Sport Clubs are back in full swing traveling and competing
    5. Rowing – Danelle Stipes, Head Coach Rowing
      1. Our second season of the school year (Winter) has started. Spring starts in March
      2. Winter is indoor work on the rowing machines, and we use the indoor tank room at the Beckwith Boat House
      3. Adult program has boomed this year; largest numbers since pre-COVID which is a lot given the constraints of how many people can fit in a boat
        1. Includes UI students, faculty, staff, and community members
      4. Adaptive Rowing has also grown this year; currently working with an individual that uses a wheelchair
      5. One of our youth adaptive athletes is being sought after by the US Paralympic group
      6. Six Special Olympics Athletes taking part in our Unified program
      7. Events coming up:
        1. Iowa Indoor Rowing Challenge on Saturday, February 11; this event has been offered since 2014
          1. One of the largest indoor rowing races in the Midwest
          2. Entries currently already increased from last year
          3. Includes youth, adaptive, master’s, and open
        2. Winter Learn to Row Day on Sunday, February 19
    6. Facility Operations – Michelle Harder
      1. Indoor facilities are packed; back to pre-COVID numbers
      2. Hawkeye Recreation Fields Turf Project
        1. Ground was too soft for MUSCO to start the lighting part of the project last week
        2. Plan to start Monday, February 6 and work should last one week
        3. Once the weather warms up, the contractor will start the work on the turf project
      3. CRWC Family Locker Rooms
        1. Had a small project that was supposed to take around four weeks to complete
        2. Ended up being a larger project due to issues that were found in the family locker rooms
          1. Tile and benches were falling off the walls
          2. Everything behind the walls was corroded and the entire family locker room had to be gutted. New walls, tile, mirrors are being replaced
        3. Hoping that Family Locker Rooms will be reopening at the end of February
      4. Building Cleanliness
        1. Custodial staff works each day from 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. cleaning the facility. They are doing as best as they can to keep up with the snow, sand and salt
        2. In the winter the buildings look pretty dirty by the end of the day. Custodial staff are aware of the challenges this time of the year
      5. Field House – Mike Valentine, Assistant Director of Facility Operations
        1. Busy over at Field House between Recreational Services programs and student groups wanting to reserve space
    7. Tennis
      1. Tennis Programs continue be very popular; almost all classes are full and demand for private lessons continues to be high
      2. Pickleball taking place on Sunday nights at the HTRC
      3. Turf and fitness area is also very busy with patrons

  1. Fitness Equipment Update: Chris Conway and Matt Stancel
    1. We added more strength equipment in the Fitness Loft at the Field House
    2. Fitness East received some relocated fitness equipment from the Fitness Loft
    3. Took out all the old stuff from Fitness East that was purchased in 2010
    4. A lot of new equipment coming to the CRWC
      1. A lot of space has been cleared out on the third floor to make room for incoming new equipment
      2. Wheelchair accessible strength equipment should be arriving soon, 3rd floor east side
      3. Synergy 360 unit, more spin bikes, Synergy 180 unit (already installed)
    5. Reasons why more strength and less cardio
      1. Facility usage statistics have shown more people doing strength training than steady-state cardio
        1. National data has supported this
      2. Financially speaking, strength equipment lasts longer and is less expensive than cardio equipment

  1. NIRSA Recreational Sports & Fitness Day (Wednesday, February 22, 2023): Mallory Valentine, Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives
    1. NIRSA is our national association. NIRSA began in 1950 as the National Intramural Association. In that year, the founder, Dr. William Wasson, convened a meeting of 20 representatives from 11 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The date of February 22 is celebrated each year by recreation departments across the country
    2. Member Appreciation Event on Wednesday, February 22 (includes students)
      1. Tabling 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
        1. Free food – Cookies, bakery items
        2. Giveaways
      2. Free Try-Climbs
      3. Free Fitness Classes in the MAC Gym
      4. Landmine classes on the third floor
    3. Friday, February 24
      1. Intramural Esport Tournament in the HawkeyEsports Arcade
      2. Rec After Dark at the CRWC that night from 9:00 pm to Midnight
        1. Laser tag, free food, etc
        2. Many fun activities for the students

  1. New Business
    1. None

  1. Questions:
    1. Caleb Recker – What makes Les Mills classes more appealing than others?
      1. Matt Stancel – A variety of reasons
        1. A lot of gyms regionally and locally use Les Mills
        2. Staff was accustomed to programming offered through Les Mills
        3. Cost effective for us as we don’t have to train the individuals running classes; Les Mills does that
        4. We get a significant discount on certification offerings with the new contract we signed
        5. We get a discount on fitness equipment from them
    2. Patrick Taylor – What is a Synergy 360 unit?
      1. Matt Stancel
        1. Jungle-gym type unit with four pillars going down
        2. Pillars have different functionality
    3. Patrick Taylor – What is the capacity in the seating area of the CRWC Natatorium
        1. Emily Downes
          1. 1,200
    4. Carson – What is going on with the CRWC sauna right now?
      1. Michelle Harder
        1. The system cannot keep up due to too many people going in and out all the sauna at this time. Usage of that space is very high and very popular during the colder months
        2. Facilities Management has ordered new parts to be able to quickly replace when the part goes out

  1. Next Meeting: Michelle Harder
    1. We will get the next meeting on the calendar soon, hopefully one more before Spring Break week.