Release: June 14, 2000

UI holds first annual emeritus faculty meeting June 19

Iowa City, Iowa –University of Iowa President Mary Sue Coleman and Women's Basketball Head Coach Lisa Bluder will speak at the first annual meeting of the university's newly formed Emeritus Faculty Association at 10 am Monday, June 19 in the Senate Chamber of Old Capitol.

Meeting business will include a report on a recent survey of emeritus faculty members, adoption of organizational by-laws, and a report on a recent national meeting of emeritus faculty organizations held in San Diego. James Clifton, current president of the Emeritus Faculty Council and professor emeritus of Internal Medicine, and Samuel L. Becker, president elect and professor emeritus of Communication Studies, will preside. The meeting will conclude with a no-host lunch in the River Room of the Iowa Memorial Union.

Formed in 1999, the Emeritus Faculty Association represents the interests of its 465 emeritus faculty members – about two-thirds of whom reside in the Iowa City area –and aids them in their continued support of university programs and goals. All UI faculty members automatically become members of the association upon retirement.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all UI-sponsored events. Persons with disabilities who require an accommodation in order to participate should contact the Old Capitol in advance at 335-0548.

Agenda for the June 19, 2000 AEF Annual Meeting

Agenda, first annual business meeting of the Emeritus Faculty Association of the University of Iowa, Senate Chamber, Old Capitol, 10:00 AM, June 19, 2000.

  • Call to order and opening remarks, Jim Clifton, President, Emeritus Faculty Council
  • Introduction of the President of the University, Jim Clifton
  • Welcoming Statement, Mary Sue Coleman, President, The University of Iowa
  • Introduction of the Head Coach of Women's Basketball, Jim Clifton
  • Thoughts of a Newcomer, Lisa Bluder, Head Coach of Iowa Women's Basketball
  • Origin, Goals, Activities of the Association, Jim Clifton
  • Introduction of the Provost, Jim Clifton
  • Formation of the Association, Jon Whitmore, Provost, The University of Iowa
  • Introduction of the Associate Provost, Jim Clifton
  • Supporting the Association, Lee Anna Clark, Associate Provost for Faculty
  • Introduction of the Assistant Manager of Staff Benefits, Jim Clifton
  • Helping Individual Emeriti, Nancy Foster, Assistant Manager, Staff Benefits
  • Presentation of the new Bylaws, David Vernon, Chair, Bylaws Committee
  • Adoption of the Bylaws, Jim Clifton
  • Results of the Surveys of Emeriti and DEOs & Deans, Sam Becker, Vice President of the Emeritus Faculty Council
  • Introduction of the Vice President for Research
  • Emeritus Research?, David Scorton, Vice President for Research
  • Report by Bea Furner, our representative to the National Meeting of Emeritus Faculty Organizations
  • Announcement of election results by Bob Kremenak, Chair, Election Committee of the Emeritus Faculty Council
  • Passing of the Gavel, Jim Clifton to Sam Becker, incoming President, Emeritus Faculty Council
  • Questions, Answers, Discussion, Lee Anna Clark, Sam Becker, Jim Clifton
  • Adjournment for Lunch (no host) in Meeting Room #1, IMU River Room Cafeteria.

Minutes of the June 19, 2000 AEF Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting of Association of Emeritus Faculty Senate Chamber, Old Capitol, 10:00 AM, June 19, 2000

Chair Jim Clifton expressed his thanks for the fine representation at the Annual Meeting. Agenda was approved by voice vote.

President Mary Sue Coleman expressed her gratitude for the formation of the Association of Emeritus Faculty and included the following remarks:

Status of emeritus faculty varies from department to department and university to university.

The University of Iowa is committed to easing any difficulties associated with retirement.

The University is greatly appreciative of all that emeritus faculty are doing for the institution.

Lisa Bluder, Head Coach, Women's Basketball, reviewed status of program and encouraged expanded attendance at games.

Chair Jim Clifton reviewed origins and status of the Association of Emeritus Faculty. The organization grew out of a task force appointed in 1997 by the Provost and Vice President for Research. The charge was to 'consider what the University can do for emeritus faculty that it is not currently doing, and consider what Emeriti can do for the University.' (Additional information is found in Article II of the Bylaws.)

Provost Jon Whitmore expressed his appreciation to individuals, especially Sam Becker, Jim Clifton and Lee Anna Clark, who helped form and guide the Association through the first year. The Provost stated that the number of retirees is increasing and he hoped that the University could harness their talents. Many areas within the University are experiencing increasing pressures and retirees can be very helpful.

Associate Provost Lee Anna Clark (a) acknowledged individuals who have helped during the past year and (b) reviewed major accomplishments of the organization. Lee Anna looks forward to supporting the Council and the Association in the future.

Nancy Foster briefly reviewed functions of Staff Benefits and invited retirees to continue their contacts and association. She suggested that Emeriti e-mail her with their suggestions or to communicate problems.

David Vernon, Chair of the Bylaws committee, reviewed evolution of Bylaws and sought questions. There were none. It was then moved and seconded that the Bylaws be adopted by the Association. Members adopted the Bylaws by voice vote, apparently unanimous.

Sam Becker, Vice President of the Council, reviewed responses from surveys of Emeriti and deans/DEOs. Highlights included: (a) where direct comparisons could be made, results from the two surveys were quite similar, (b) about 75% of Emeriti are happy with their relationship to the University, (c) approximately one-half of Emeriti continue to serve their departments, and (d) 40% continue scholarly activity.

David Skorton, Vice President for Research, expressed his appreciation for past activities and future roles of Emeriti and Council that includes: (a) continuing educational activity, (b) sharing knowledge and expertise with young faculty, i.e., mentoring, (c) retirees serving on Research Council, and (d) University instituted grant program open to Emeriti doing scholarly work.

Bea Furner, our representative to the 7th International Conference on Retirement in Higher Education, reviewed the background and status of the organization. The first meeting was held in 1985. The theme of the latest meeting was "the role of university and college retirement associations in achieving, pursuing, protecting and enhancing rights, benefits and privileges of retirees." Bea reported that (a) it was a useful and interesting conference and she brought back information for several of our committees, and (b) our participation with the organization should continue.

Bob Kremenak, Chair of the Election Committee of the Emeritus Faculty Council, reported that there were six vacancies on the Council and the following individuals were elected:

College of Business Administration – Richard Stevenson College of Engineering – Jim Andrews College of Liberal Arts – Dale Bentz and Betty Bang Mather College of Medicine – George Bedel and Robert Soper

Jim Clifton, Council Chair, expressed his thanks to many individuals who helped him in numerous ways. Jim then passed the gavel to Sam Becker who assumed the Council Presidency. Sam thanked Jim for his leadership in the critical first year of the Council.

A panel of Lee Anna Clark, Sam Becker and Jim Clifton was formed to answer questions from membership. Several questions, suggestions, and comments were made. They included: (a) concern about potential overlap in function of the Association of Emeritus Faculty with The University of Iowa Retirees Association (UIRA), (b) retired faculty have some special and different interests from those of the Retirees Association, (c) the two organizations should continue as they are, but there should be some formal liaison and sharing of information with the UIRA, (d) Iowa is apparently unique in having both a retired staff-faculty association and a retired faculty association, (e) mechanisms for ensuring productive coordination of the two groups will be explored by the Emeritus Faculty Council, (f) a shared office with the Faculty Senate and Staff Council is available for both of our retirees organizations in room 380, IMU, (g) the Association of Emeritus Faculty should consider creating its own web site or participating in the UIRA web site, and (h) consider asking the UIRA to permit placing a summary of the Emeritus Faculty Council's minutes in the Gray Hawk, perhaps with financial support from the Council.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 AM Next Council Meeting: Monday, July 10, 10:00-11:30 AM in B5 Jessup Hall

John Long, Secretary