Friday, December 1, 2017

EFC Agenda, Monday, 9:30 am, 2520B UCC, Dec 4, 2017

Approval of Minutes - EFC meeting 11-06-2017

Replacement of Judy Polumbaum on EFC Elections Committee (Mitros,Levin)

Who can be a member of the Emeritus Faculty?

            Operations Manual 2.8(2) The Association of Emeritus Faculty and Emeritus Faculty         Council

            *Operations Manual 11.7 Emeritus Status for Retirees

Menninger – (1) Taxes on Graduate Student’s waived tuition.

(2) Phase II UI 2020 Committee Forum Schedule- Monday, December 4, 2017,6:30-8:00 p.m.,100 PH--Phillips Hall Auditorium, Tuesday, December 5, 2017,11:00-11:50 a.m.,E331 GH Medical Alumni Auditorium

Emeritus Faculty Questionnaire: Departmental Support and Involvement of Emeritus Faculty

Old Business

Goals for the year:

Develop best practices for departmental treatment of emeritus faculty.

Monitor emeritus benefits: health care insurance, informational technology and parking.

Continue to provide useful information to emeritus faculty via our web site and direct communication

Maintain the emeritus faculty lectures with the ongoing help and guidance of Gary Gussin.

New Business

10:00 The Senior College: Past, Present and Future. Al Hood, Emeritus Professor, College of Education (See emailed copy of SENIOR COLLEGE HISTORY, The First Five Years)

Johnson, Mitros, and Donham are members of the Senior College Committee

10:30-11:00 Today’s Speaker: Virginia Drake, Senior IT Support Consultant


Emeritus Faculty Lecture: Confessions of an Erstwhile Regulator, William Albrecht, Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics,4:00 pm, Thursday, December 7, 2017,101 Biology Building East

Next EFC Meeting Monday, Feb 5, 2018