Monday, September 2, 2019

Call to Order: Wanat

Welcome new member Larry Fleckenstein; introductions

Remembrances: William A. Matthes, May 18, Education; Howard Rogovin, July 8, CLAS; Luis Urdanteta, Medicine, July 21; Robert E. Yager, August 6, Education

New Emeritus Faculty:  Meredith Alexander, CLAS; Lioness Ayres, Nursing; Max Baker, Medicine; Maria Jose Barbosa, CLAS; Gary Lynn Baumbach, Medicine; Douglas Baynton, CLAS; Howard Butcher, Nursing; David Hingstman, CLAS; David Kearns, Medicine; Raymond Kuthy, Dentistry; Richard Valentine, Engineering; Mickey Wells, Pharmacy 

Approval of Minutes:

  • May EFC meeting—Gilbert
  • AEF meeting—Gilbert

Election of EFC Vice President and Secretary:  Gilbert has agreed to serve as vice president and Berman as secretary.

Election of Council Members: Two CLAS vacancies 

Review and Reports on EFC Committee Assignments: 

  • Elections—Mitros, Vlastos
  • Program (EFC and AEF Annual Meeting)—Stoner (Chair), Johnson, Wanat
  • Lecture Series—Gilbert (Chair), Gussin (Consultant)
  • Communications/Website—Boe (Chair), Flanagan, Cobb

EFC Liaisons with University committees/organizations:

  • Campus Planning—Hines
  • FRIC—Shirazi, Valde
  • UIRA—Cobb
  • Research Council—Stoner
  • Library—Gilbert
  • Faculty Senate/Council—Mitros
  • Hancher—Valde
  • Recreation Services—Donham
  • Senior College—Boe, Donham, Johnson, Mitros, Wanat
  • Parking and Transportation—Stoner

Old Business:

  • Revised policy on emeritus status for retirees (April 2, 2019)
  • Other

New Business:

  • Report on meeting with Provost (Berman, Gilbert, Wanat)
  • Speakers for EFC meetings
  • Potential speaker for AEF meeting
  • University news this summer (new provost, new VP for research, new CLAS dean)

New health plan approved; Grants reached all time high; $115 NASA grant; Open

Hawks library project; Kregel named executive vice provost and senior associate provost for faculty; 32% reduction in high-risk drinking; Continued exploration on public-private utility partnership; HR training for supervisors Independence of faculty cluster areas)  (as reported in Iowa Now)

  • Other

Goals for the Year: