Saturday, November 30, 2019

Emeritus Faculty Council Agenda

9:30-11:00, December 2, 2019, 2520B, UCC

Call to Order: Wanat


New Emeritus Faculty:

Approval of October Minutes: Berman

Approval of November Minutes: Berman

Report on EFC committee assignments:

  • Elections: Mitros, Vlastos
  • Program: Stoner (Chair), Johnson, Wanat, Berman, Fleckenstein
  • Lecture Series: Gilbert (Chair), Gussin (Consultant)
  • Communications/Website: Boe (Chair), Fleckenstein

Reports from Liaisons with University committees/organizations:

  • Campus planning: Hines, Donham
  • FRIC: Shirazi, Valde
  • UIRA: Vlastos, Cobb
  • Research Council: Berman
  • Library: Gilbert, Johnson
  • Faculty Senate/Council: Mitros
  • Hancher: Valde
  • Recreation Services: Donham
  • Senior College: Boe, Donham, Johnson, Mitros, Wanat
  • Parking and Transportation: Stoner, Boe

Old Business:

New Business

  • For general discussion, changing nature of university leadership and organization (All members)
  • Other

Next Meeting: February 3, 2019