Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Emeritus Faculty Council Agenda

9:30-11:00 September 8, 2021


Call to Order: Gilbert


Meeting Host: Gilbert, Mitros

Approval of  Minutes: Submitted by Larry Fleckenstein (sent in a separate email)


New member:                        Jacob Odgaard   College of Engineering

Liaison from UIRA:              Sam Cochran


John (Ira) Rapson    July 21, 2021    CLAS

            Charles Sabiston      June 16, 2021       College of Dentistry

            Frank Schmidt          August 21, 2021  Tippie College of Business


            End of term as President: Miriam Gilbert

            Beginning of term as President: Frank Mitros

Elections of new officers:

            Nominated for Vice-President/President-elect:

                        Bill Hines                    College of Law

            Nominated for Secretary:

                        Chris Atchison           College of Public Health

Report on EFC committee assignments:

  • Elections: Gilbert (Chair), Mitros, Hauserman
  • Program:  Wanat, Anderson, Fleckenstein  (Chair?)
  • Lecture Series:  Gardinier (Chair), Gilbert, Gussin (Consultant)
  • Communications/Website: Fleckenstein, Lenth

Report on Liaisons with University committees/organizations: 

Campus planning: Anderson 

  • FRIC: Shirazi, Valde
  • UIRA: Vlastos, Cobb
  • Research Council: Berman
  • Library: Hauserman, Lenth
  • Faculty Senate/Council: Gardinier, Wanat
  • Hancher: Valde, Shirazi
  • Recreation Services: Atchison
  • Senior College:  Mitros
  • Parking and Transportation: Mitros
  • President’s Committee on Athletics:  Hines

Old Business: None

New Business:   

Permissive conferral of Emeritus status (information concerning each will be sent    in a separate email):

                        Richard Williams

                        Reed Parker

Deciding on and confirming any changes in EFC committees and liaisons to         committees.

Speaker:  None. Suggestions for possible future guests gratefully accepted.

Upcoming events:  Emeritus Faculty Lecture Series.

Next EFC meeting: Monday, October 4th at 9:30 AM.