Monday, October 4, 2021

Emeritus Faculty Council Agenda

9:30-11:00 AM  October 4th


Call to Order: Mitros

Meeting Host: Mitros

Approval of April Minutes: Submitted by Chris Atchison

                                                (small procedural note)

New Emeriti:

            Nancy Coover Andreason                College of Medicine

            David Talan                                       College of Medicine


Ting-Fong Chin                                 College of Pharmacy   8/11/2021

George Knorr                                    CLAS                             8/27/2021

John Lediaev                                     CLAS                             8/21/2021

Michelene Pesantubbee                    CLAS                             7/13/2021

Lawrence Peterson                           College of Dentistry       8/22/2021     

Ronald Schoewald                            College of Pharmacy     8/21.2019

Duane Van Demark                          College of Medicine       9/1/2021

Thomas Tephly                                 College of Medicine       7/24/2021

Charles (Chuck) DeProsse               College of Medicine

            Moment of Silence

Old Business

            Followup on request for Permissive Conferral of Emeritus Status:

            Still awaiting CV on Dr. Mark Marz (College of Dentistry)

Remindersto obtain same have been sent.

Report on EFC committee assignments:

  • Elections: Gilbert (Chair), Mitros, Hauserman
  • Program: Anderson, Fleckenstein, Wanat
  • Lecture Series: Gardinier (Chair), Gilbert, Mitros (Consultant)
  • Communications/Website: Fleckenstein, Lenth

Report on Liaisons with University committees/organizations: 

Campus planning: Anderson 

  • FRIC: Shirazi, Valde
  • UIRA: Mitros (see New Business)
  • Research Council: Berman
  • Library: Hauserman, Lenth
  • Faculty Senate/Council: Gardinier, Vlastos
  • Hancher: Valde, Shirazi
  • Recreation Services: Atchison
  • Senior College:  Mitros (see New Business)
  • Parking and Transportation: Mitros, Odgaard
  • President’s Committee on Athletics:  Hines

New Business: 

           I would like to open a discussion about two inter-related topics. I don’t see us coming to a final resolution of how to proceed at this meeting. Rather I think we might identify any roadblocks that exist, and look to find that best way of establishing  the goal of idealizing the relationship amongst three important groups serving the entire University of Iowa community.

            Relationship with Senior College

Does an active EFC Committee member need to be an active member of the Senior College Committee?

If not:

Would a liaison from EFC to Senior College be appropriate?

            Would a liaison from Senior College to the EFC be appropriate?

These questions need to be discussed by both Committees (let us start developing our view).


Relationship with UIRA

There has been a move recently to enhance the relationship amongst the three entities (EFC, UIRA, Senior College). Sam Cochran has joined us this year representing the UIRA to the EFC.  Deb Cobb has joined the Board of UIRA. Steve Vlastos has asked to leave his role as a liaison to UIRA as he takes on a new role as one our liaisons to the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Senate Council. Carolyn Wanat and I had a recent discussion concerning this topic, and thought the goals of both organizations would be enhanced this year (while I am EFC president) if I took on the role of an EFC liaison to the UIRA, and I have tentatively agreed to do so.

I think a discussion of the EFC UIRA relationship would be appropriate.

Speaker for todays session:

Debby Zumbach, Associate Vice President and Director, Parking and Transportation/Business Services

Next meeting of the Emeritus Faculty Council

            Monday, November 1st, 9:30 to 11:00 AM via Zoom