Monday, March 6, 2023

Meeting Room A, Conference Center in Old Capitol Mall

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  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes, Feb. 6, 2023 Meeting (Distributed to EFC Feb. 21, 2023)
  3. New Emeritus Faculty

Craig Adcock          CLAS           6/30/2023

Jean Gordon          CLAS           6/30/2023

Amy Butler            CLAS            6/30/2023

Joseph Kearney    CLAS            6/30/2023

Helen Shen            CLAS            6/30/2023

Usha Mallik           CLAS            6/30/2023

  1. Recently Deceased Emeritus Faculty

Geraldine R. Hall    CNUR          11/10/2022

William Eichinger   CEND          01/30/2023

Gerry Suchanek      CBUS          01/29/2023

Thomas Kisker        CCOM         02/17/2023

  1. Moment of Silence in Remembrance

  1. Reports from EFC Committees
  1. Elections: Cole & Gilbert
  2. Program: Anderson & Westefeld
  3. Lecture Series: Gardinier, Gilbert & Scott-Conner
  4. Web Page: Lenth, Sorofman
  1. Reports from Liaisons
  1. Campus Planning: Anderson
  2. Faculty Senate & Council: Gardinier & Rasmussen
  3. FRIC:  Shirazi & Sorofman
  4. Hancher & Stanley Art Museum: Valde
  5. Libraries: Cole & Lenth
  6. Parking & Transportation: Odgaard & Scott-Conner
  7. President’s Committee on Athletics: Hines
  8.  Recreational Services: Atchison
  9.  Research Council: Berman
  10.  Senior College: Mitros
  11. UIRA: Cobb

  1. Old Business
  1. Request to Reconsider EFC Decision Regarding Permissive Conferral of Emeritus Status made at Feb. 6, 2023 Meeting. (Assoc Provost Lois Geist will join us for this issue). (Additional materials: see Operations manual excerpt, current guidelines)
  2. Proposals to Provost for Two Amendments to Ops. Manual Section 11.7 re Age 55 Minimum Age for Emeritus Status. (Copy of Section 11.7 was attached to the Draft Agenda.)
  1. Add words “at age 55 or older” after “University in 11.7.a (1).
  2. Expand Permissive Conferral Authorization by Adding a new 11.7d(2) (b) as follows:

“(b) Regular faculty who have served a significant period but have not attained the minimum age of 55.”

Current Section 11.7d(2)(b) then becomes 11.7d(2)(3).

  1. Discussion of Proposed Standards for EFC Recommendations on Requests for Permissive Conferral of Emeritus Status for Retiring Faculty. (Proposed Standards were attached to the Draft Agenda.)
    Add a new Factor 5: “How close to the Age 55 minimum age is the faculty member’s age at retirement?” 

        Current Factor 5 then becomes Factor 6.

  1. Tabled Motion to improve interactions between EFC, UIRA and Senior College. The basic idea was to stimulate periodic meetings  of the three leaders to promote better coordination among the three organizations.
  1. New Business (Members Please Suggest)
  2. Speaker: H.D. Hoover, Chair, Senior College Committee. Topic: “Update on Senior College Activities” (John Westefeld will Introduce H.D.)
  3. Adjourn