Monday, March 6, 2023

March 2023 - EFC Committee/Liaison Reports

Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes


Via Zoom

Submitted by Carol Scott-Conner

Members Present:  Paul Hanley, Pamella Hughes, Kevin Krause, Kara Park, Camden Studer, Debra Trusty, Madeline Wilson and Rebecca Wilson

Staff/Others Present: Jeff Harney, Brian McClatchey, Carol Scott-Conner, Erin Shane and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:     Connor French, Nick Nachtman and Debby Zumbach

 Meeting began at 3:31pm

Carrie took roll call based on Zoom attendance

Approval of meeting minutes

  • February 17, 2023 meeting
  • Any comments or changes?
    • No changes
  • Motion to approve and seconded
    • Minutes have been approved

Campus flood mitigation

  • Presentation by Jeff Harney
    • Assistant Director of Facilities Management
  • Facilitates emergency management
  • Flood Emergency Response Plan (FERP)
    • A series of measures implemented across campus in response to increasing river levels to protect assets on campus
      • General Information
      • Campus Flood Emergency Response Plan
      • Building Specific Flood Emergency Response Plan
      • Over 300 pages in length
      • Should see a new version later this year
      • Reset everything after 2008 flood
      • Plan in place prior to 2008
  • National Incident Management Systems (NIMS)
    • Incident Command System
    • Utilized for all sorts of situations
    • Similar to a military structure
    • Training program for those involved
      • Operations
      • Logistics
      • Planning
      • Admin/Finance
  • Used something very similar to this when the pandemic began in 2020
    • Many players at the table to make decisions
  • Iowa Flood Center
  • Burlington Street Dam Gauge
    • Flow station at this location
    • Use this data to monitor CFS (cubic feet per second)
  • Impact of elevation
  • Coralville Dam and Spillway
  • Army Corps of Engineers
    • Reevaluated how they operate the lake
    • Saw the impact of both 1993 and 2008
    • Significant change
    • Do better with these changes
  • What materials are required?
    • HESCO barriers, sand

Project updates

  • Presentation by Erin Shane
  • EV charging station expansion
  • Surface Lot Maintenance
    • Concrete and asphalt patching
    • Crack sealing and seal coat
    • Summer 2023
  • Ramp Maintenance
    • Painting
    • Small repairs
    • Expansion joint replacement
    • North Campus Ramp focus
    • Summer 2023
  • Institutional Roads
    • Museum Drive and Library Plaza panel replacements
    • Roadway and sidewalk patching
    • Summer 2023
  • Finkbine Railroad Crossing Replacement
    • Reconstruction of crossing
    • Vehicle approach slope adjustments
    • Upgraded crossing safety equipment
    • Improved stormwater management
    • Summer 2023
  • Lot 48 expansion
    • Increase parking capacity
    • Improved stormwater management
    • Install privacy fencing
    • 96 stalls
    • Summer 2023
  • Hospital Ramp 3 upgrades and updates
    • New elevators
    • Refresh signs
    • Pest mitigation
    • Upgraded HVAC
    • Dedicated entry lane for permits
  • Hawkeye Parking Ramp
    • 985 stalls
    • Skywalk connection
    • EV charging
    • Secure bicycle parking
  • ENGIE CHA condensate and sewer replacement
    • Replaces damaged steam condensate piping
    • Currently happening
  • Raze homes on South Grand
    • West Campus Academic Building
    • Loss of Lot 14
    • Future expansion of Lot 26
    • About 100 spaces
  • ENGIE West Campus Water Tower
    • Loss of 155 stalls in Lot 75
    • Water main installation through Lot 37
    • Water main installation near CDD parking
    • Current water tower near Kinnick will need to come down
    • Need another one ready to go when that happens

Relocations for projects

  • Working through the details now
  • Conversations with all the involved units
  • Peak loss will be over 1,000 spaces
  • Higher occupancies of ramps since October
  • Moving permit holders
  • Impact on student storage
  • Website to show available space in public parking facilities
  • Employee messaging should be going out in mid-April
  • About a two-year process


  • Agenda items
    • Always looking for new agenda items
    • Feel free to contact Kara, Erin, Debby or Carrie if you have any ideas
  • Next meeting is on Friday, April 21


  • Motion to adjourn and seconded
  • Meeting ended at 4:42pm

Recreational Services Charter Committee Meeting

Friday, March 3, 2023

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Submitted by Christopher Atchison

  • In attendance:
  • Charter Committee Members – Chris Atchison, Daniel Caplan, Evan Decker, Carson Gregory, Paul Hanley, Patrick Taylor, Ryan Westhoff

  • Recreational Services Staff – Brian Baxter, Brett Cline, Deb Cutler, Michelle Harder, Allyson Herman, Raud Kashef, Amy Lenderink, Jeanette Luke, Shea McMurray, Luke Mozena, Dave Patton, Caleb Recker, Matt Schaefer, Amy Smith, Colton Spaur, Shelley Squier, Matt Stancel, Danelle Stipes, Erin Sullivan, Shelby Reeves, Mallory Valentine, Mike Valentine

  • Welcome and Introductions: Carson Gregory and Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services


  • University Well-Being Focus Group: Megan Hammes, Senior Director, UI Wellness/University Human Resources, Brian Baxter and Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Directors, Recreational Services.
    • Brief overview of the University’s strategic focus around well-being and mental health (see attached powerpoint).
      • President Wilson charged a steering team in 2021 for Well-Being and Mental Health.
      • Representative from UI Healthcare, students, and faculty/staff.
      • Reviewed data to establish priority areas. These priority areas were established as sub-committees.
      • Kognito: At Risk – training revolved around suicide prevention and how to have conversations with people in distress.
      • University has hired a web developer to design and create a well-being focused website.
      • There is also a campus project on developing a well-being focused mobile app.
  • The important piece for Recreational Services is utilizing and programming the green space that we have on campus.
  • Utilizing the river and surrounding areas is something Recreational Services has looked at.
  • Goal is to take advantage of the green space we have available, many of which can be done at a low cost and with little maintenance (fire pits, bouldering areas, music gardens, etc.).
  • There is a lot of shared funding opportunities across campus to serve several populations on campus and in the community.
  • There are design standards out there to incorporate well-being into new building design on campus.

  • Paul Hanley: This is great to hear. I gravitate to outdoor spaces and appreciate this news. We have a significant number of students who have sort of “checked out” and don’t reach out until after midterms. Does Kognito address this?
  • Megan Hammes: It trains us on being more comfortable on addressing tough situations and how to recognize when something is wrong. This training is targeted towards students. It provides different scenarios to train through and helps navigate how to have conversations.
  • Paul Hanley: How has awareness for this grown? Is it more than just an email?
  • Megan Hammes: Emails are the primary mode of communication. A lot of us try to weave it in different presentations. We’ve pushed it out to our Wellness Ambassadors Network and Student Government.
  • Mike Valentine: What is the shift in language from “wellness” to “well-being”?
  • Megan Hammes: Well-being is more encompassing – personal connections, mental health, etc. Things that aren’t just for physical benefit. Well-being is more holistic.
  • Matt Stancel: Has there been a financial commitment to any of these ideas?
  • Brian Baxter: Many of the initiatives have a minimal cost. There is some P3 funding available for strategic initiatives. President Wilson seems committed to finding funding, whether that is internal funds or outside donors.

  • Summer 2023 Facility Hours: Caleb Recker, Associate Director of Facility Operations
    • We are trending back to our old, pre-Covid hours (see attached for indoor facilities).
      • Fitness East: closed for the summer.
      • Field House: Expanding summer hours back to 8am – 8pm due to demand.
      • CRWC: 10pm closing time throughout summer, and back to midnight the week prior to class starting due to early move-in.
      • HTRC: Similar to what we’ve done in the past, and expand hours the week prior due to early move-in.
      • Rec Fields: Week of April 3rd is our target date. Based around when we can get water turned on.

  • Paul Hanley: How are your staffing numbers?
  • Caleb Recker: It’s better than it was 2 years ago, but we are trending back. Our students can also work 40 hours in the summer opposed to 20 during the school year.
  • Michelle Harder: We were very low on lifeguards and have seen an improvement this spring.

  • Recap of February Events: Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services
    • 3 larger swim meets at the CRWC.
      • IAHSAA Boy’s State High School Meet – February 10 and 11
      • Missouri Valley Conference Swim Meet – February 14 – 18.
      • IASI Short Course Meet – February 23 – 26.
    • Climbing competition at the CRWC – February 11
      • We reached capacity of 60 climbers which was an increase from last year.
  • Indoor Rowing Challenge – February 11
  • 2nd largest turnout we’ve had.
  • 2nd largest rowing event in the Midwest.

  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Day: Mallory Valentine, Associate Director & Patrick Taylor
  • February 22nd – our National Association (NIRSA) was founded that day and we try to celebrate each year.
  • Member Appreciation Day – pizza and cookies as a thank you.
  • Bigger group fitness classes and free climbing.
  • February 24th – Rec After Dark: Glow Hard or Go Home
  • It seems like a good option for folks who don’t like to drink and serves as a different type of event for students in that community.
  • Roughly 550 total participants:
      • Climbing Wall – 127
      • Group Fitness – 60 in Zumba, 25-30 in Pilates
      • Laser Tag – 229
      • Silent Disco – 133

  • Closing Remarks: Michelle Harder, Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services
    • Michelle will set next meeting for mid-April. Look for meeting invite.