Monday, April 3, 2023


EFC Meeting, 9:30 a.m. April 3, 2023

Meeting Room A, Old Capitol Center

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  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes, March 6 EFC Meeting (Distributed by Atchison March 22, 2023)
  3. New Emeritus Faculty (List to come)
  4. Recently Deceased Emeritus Faculty (List to come)
  5. Moment of Silence
  6.  Request for Permissive Conferral of Emeritus Status (File distributed to EFC by Ann Howard).
  7. Reports from EFC Committees
  1.  Elections: Cole & Gilbert (See Report on Election Candidates Distributed by Gilbert & Cole in March.)
  2.  Program: Anderson & Westefeld
  3.  Lecture Series: Gardinier, Gilbert & Scott Conner
  4. Web Page: Lenth
  1. Reports from Liaisons to University Committees
  1.  Campus Planning: Anderson
  2.  Faculty Senate & Council: Gardinier & Rasmussen
  3.  FRIC: Shirazi & Sorofman
  4. Hancher & Stanley Art Museum: Valde
  5.  Libraries: Cole & Lenth
  6.  Parking & Transportation: Odgaard & Scott-Conner
  7. President’s Committee on Athletics: Hines
  8. Recreational Services: Atchison
  9. Research Council: Berman
  10. Senior College: Mitros
  11. UIRA: Cobb
  1. Old Business:
  1. Update on Conversations with Assoc. Provost on Minimum Age Requirement for Eligibility for Emeritus Status.
  2. Proposed Standards for EFC Consideration of Requests for Permissive Conferral of Emeritus Status. (A copy of the Proposal is attached)
  1. New Business:
  1.  Proposal by Sorofman to Provost to Press for Greater Technical Support for Emeritus Faculty. (A scan of the Proposed Memo was sent with the Meeting Announcement)
  1.  Guest Speaker:  Lauren Lessing, Director of the Stanley Art Museum asked to be rescheduled for health reasons. No Guest Speaker at this meeting.
  2.  Adjourn