Monday, April 3, 2023



9:30 a.m. Monday, April 3, 2023

(Live meeting at Old Capitol Conference Center, Meeting Room A, 2d Floor, Old Capitol Mall, With Zoom Connection.

Chair Hines called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. He noted that Secretary Chris Atchison would be joining slightly later (because of a previous commitment).

Roll Call: 

EFC Members Attending: Charlie Anderson, Christopher Atchison, Deborah Cobb, Cathy Cole, Minnetta Gardinier, Miriam Gilbert, Bill Hines, Russell Lenth, Jacob Odgaard, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Carol Scott-Conner, Siroos Shirazi, Bernard Sorofman, Jill Valde.

EFC Members Absent: Berman, Westefeld

Other participants:  Mitros (Senior College), Howard (Provost’s Office)

Approval of Minutes. March 6, 2023.   Approved unanimously

New Emeritus Faculty



Retirement Date



Jonathan Klein





Thomas Gallanis





Scott Vogelgesang





Walter Seaman





Jane Gilotti

CLAS-Earth & Environ Science





Recently Deceased Emeritus Faculty

Sonja Lively



Peter Jebson




Moment of Silence in Remembrance

Reports from EFC Committees

  1. Elections: Cole & Gilbert: Gilbert reported that the slate was now complete, and asked Ann Howard to set up the online elections.
  2. Program: Anderson & Westefeld: Anderson reported that Lauren Lessing had to cancel today’s planned talk, due to medical reasons, but hoped to join us in the fall semester.   He also mentioned that Larry Weber, IIHR—Hydro-science and Engineering, has expressed interest in speaking to EFC.
  3. Lecture Series: Gardinier, Gilbert & Scott Conner: Gilbert reported on the well-attended and much appreciated lecture by Ed Folsom.   Scott—Conner reminded the group that there are two more lectures, April 20, 2023 (Jerry Weiss) and May 18, 2023 (Vickie Sharp).   One lecture for October 2023 (Patricia Foster) has been arranged, but suggestions are welcome and encouraged.  Thanks to the Biology Department for the continuing use of Kollros auditorium was expressed.
  4. Web Page: Lenth & Sorofman: Lenth asked that Sorofman be listed as a member of the committee.

Reports from Liaisons to University Committees


  1.  Campus Planning: Anderson - The March meeting of the Campus Planning Committee was canceled.  The main item on the February agenda was that a "Welcome to the University of Iowa" structure of stone and lettering will be constructed this summer at Highway 6 and Hawkins Drive.  The University is working with the City to replace the "Iowa City" structure on north Dubuque Street with a structure combining welcome to the City and University.
  2.  Faculty Senate & Council: Gardinier & Rasmussen: Report attached in Reports file
  3.  FRIC: Shirazi & Sorofman: No report
  4.  Hancher & Stanley Art Museum: Valde: No Meeting
  5. Libraries: Cole & Lenth:  Will try to get minutes from past meetings.   Plans to renovate Hardin Science Library.   The Main Library also needs renovation.   Praise for creative thinking from the Art Librarian, especially in terms of relieving stress for students
  6.  Parking & Transportation: Odgaard & Scott-Conner: Report attached of very extensive work planned, especially for the west side of campus.
  7. President’s Committee on Athletics: Hines: No Meeting
  8.  Recreational Services: Atchison: Report Attached
  9. Research Council: Berman: No report
  10. UIRA: Cobb, Mitros. Cobb noted a new Grey Hawk is out and UIRA is working with the Food Bank.  40% of students have food insecurity.  April 7th School Superintendent to talk about school voucher program.  Annual meeting June 15th in Old Capitol Center.

Old Business:

  1. Hines gave an update on conversations with the Assoc. Provost on minimum age requirement for eligibility for emeritus status. He noted that there had been some confusion about whether certain HR rules, imposing a minimum age of 55 for retirees to be eligible for three specific financial benefits, affected eligibility for emeritus status. He believes there is now agreement that these HR rules do not impose a minimum age requirement for conferral of emeritus status. Left unresolved, however, is the question of whether amending Section 11.7 to add a minimum age for eligibility for emeritus status would be a good idea.

Gardinier said there are monetary benefits associated with retirement, separate from the fact that people younger than retirement age have obtained permissive Emeritus Status.

Shirazi raised concern about reverse age discrimination.  He noted there is a benefit to the University in having people relocate prior to standard retirement age. 

Sorofman said emeritus status should be separate from retirement status.

Hines cited some of the benefits of emeritus status: parking, e-mail, library, data storage and technology support that are all controlled by the Provost.  Hines commented on the age discrimination issue but noted Iowa law may not apply to state agencies e.g., the University.

Valde thought the EFC should express an opinion.  Atchison and Gilbert supported Hines’ view that a new minimum age requirement for emeritus status was not needed.

Gardinier said there is a cost attached to the benefits provided to the Emeritus faculty and that should be part of our consideration. She repeated her view that emeritus status should be tied to retirement status.

Valde said there is a lack of clarity in age versus emeritus status. There was general discussion that emeritus status should be separate from retirement. 

Gardinier repeated her concern that separating the age element from emeritus status imperils the existing benefits.  Cobb expressed support for Gardinier’s concern.

Hines opined that age has never been a factor in the conferral of emeritus status because the long-time policy has always had a “significant time in- service” minimum requirement. Further evidence that the current policy does not contemplate a minimum age requirement is found in the absence of authority in Section 11.7(d) to confer permissive emeritus status on a faculty member who is otherwise qualified, but is too young to be eligible for automatic conferral. In talking to HR, he does not believe HR wants their minimum age requirement for limited specific benefits entangled with emeritus status.

Shirazi, Valde, and Cobb suggested we leave the “policy” as it is.  Valde expressed that we have responsibility to have an opinion and hopes it will be discussed further.

Hines brought up the proposed Standards for EFC Consideration of Requests for Permissive Conferral of Emeritus Status. (Proposal Distributed Last Month) and asked that the EFC give the document focused review and we discuss it in May.

New Business:

  1. Proposal to Provost to Press for Greater Technical Support for Emeritus Faculty.

Sorofman gave a short update on data system support and asked guidance on next steps. There was consensus that a statement should be drafted and sent by the full EFC to the Provost and other University leaders.  Sorofman expressed concern that ITS staff are acting in the view that retired faculty have reduced support. Cole said we want to assure people that they have continued access to critical IT services.  Sorofman will redraft his statement and send it to the EFC for review. Then the memo will be sent to the Provost, Lehnertz, Geist and Fleagle.

Meeting adjourned at 10:57 a.m.