Tuesday, September 5, 2023


September 5, 2023 9:30am-11:00am

In person at UCC 2520-D or Zoom URL


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes of EFC Annual meeting, May 15, 2023

  Minutes Distributed

  1. Election of Vice President and Secretary
  2. New Emeritus Faculty:
George Achrazoglou CEDU Jeanette Harrington CCOM
Mark Andersland CEND Anthony Knight CCOM
Susan Assouline CEDU Ann McCarthy CNUR
Daniel Berg CCOM Mark Osiel CLAW
Audrey Butler CEND Kerri Rupe CNUR
Eric Devor CCOM Stone R. Eric CLAS
Elizabeth Field CCOM Stephen Swanson CLAS*
James Galvin CLAS* Walter Vispoel CEDU
Karen Gehrs CCOM Marc Wold CCOM
Laura Graham CLAS Limin Yang CCOM
Donna Hammond CCOM     *January 2024
  1. Deceased Emeritus Faculty:
Mary Donahue CNUR   William Bell CCOM
George Judisch CCOM   Gary Hansen CEDU
Norman Kallaus CBUS   John Huntley CLAS
Hughlett Morris CLAS   Bor-Luh Lin CLAS
Russell Noyes, CCOM   Maureen Robertson CLAS
Craig Kletsing CLAS
  1. Moment of Memorial Silence
  2. EFC Membership and open slots:
    New members of the council will be given priority at volunteers. Please volunteer to constance-berman@uiowa.edu
    Lecture Series: Minnetta Gardinier, Carol Scott-Conner, and Shelton Stromquist
    Communications: Russell Lenth & Bernard Sorofman
  3. Liaisons to University Committees and open slots:
    Campus Planning:
    Faculty Senate and Council: Minnetta Gardinier & Mary Ann Rasmussen
    FRIC: Sheldon Kurtz &
    Hancher and Art Museum:
    Libraries: Russell Lenth
    Parking and Transportation: Jacob Odgaard & Carol Scott-Conner
    President’s Committee on Athletics: John Westefeld
    Recreational Services:
    Research Council: Connie Berman
    Senior College:

  4. Old Business: ITS response regarding Help for emeritus faculty computing?
    Letter regarding ITS.
    We need several more volunteers for on-line retirement seminar on October 9, 10-11:30: currently Berman.

  5.  New Business:
    Permissive Conferral request from the College of Public Health
  6.  Introduction of Guest Speaker: Connie Berman
  7.  Guest Speaker: Adam Knight, Producing Artistic Director, Riverside Theatre
  8.  Adjourn