Tuesday, September 5, 2023



9:30 a.m. Monday, September 5, 2023

(UCC 2520-C, With Zoom Connection.)

Chair Berman called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Roll Call: 

EFC Members Attending: Constance Berman, Warren Boe, Ana Diaz-Arnold, Minnetta Gardinier, Diane Huber, Sheldon Kurtz, Russell Lenth, , Jacob Odgaard,  Bernard Sorofman, Shelton Stromquist, John Westefeld,

EFC Members Absent: Christopher Atchison, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Carol Scott-Connor, William Silverman, Tricia Zebrowski

Approval of Minutes. Approval of minutes from EFC Annual meeting held on May 15, 2023

Election of Russ Lenth as Vice President and Christopher Atchison as Secretary

New Emeritus Faculty

Name                                      College                        Retirement Date

Jeanette Harrington                CCOM                         5/1/2023

Walter Vispoel                        CEDU                           5/17/2023

Susane Assouline                    CEDU                           7/3/2023

Daniel Berg                             CCOM                         7/3/2023

George Achrazoglou               CEDU                           9/1/2023

Ann McCarthy                         CNUR                           6/30/2023

Kerri Rupe                               CNUR                           6/30/2023

Karen Gehrs                            CCOM                         8/2/2023

Limin Yang                              CCOM                         9/10/2019 !

Anthony Knight                       CCOM                         9/9/2023

Eric Devor                               CCOM                         6/30/2023

Mark Andersland                    CEND                           6/30/2023

Audrey Butler                          CEND                           6/7/2023

R. Eric Stone                            CLAS                            6/30/2023

Mark Osiel                              CLAW                          6/30/2023

Stephen Swanson                    CLAS                            6/30/2023

Laura Graham                         CLAS                            6/30/2023

Elizabeth Field                         CCOM                         7/7/2023

Recently Deceased Emeritus Faculty

Name                                      College                        Date

Mary Donahue                        CNUR                           5/16/2023      

George Judisch                        CCOM                         5/29/2023

Norman Kallaus                      CBUS                           5/19/2023

Hughlett Morris                      CLAS                            6/13/2023

Russell Noyes Jr.                     CCOM                         6/21/2023

William Belll                           CCOM                         6/28/2023

Gary Hansen                            CEDU                           7/1/2023

John Huntley                           CLAS                            7/9/2023

Bor-Luh Lin                              CLAS                            8/3/2023

Craig Kietzing                          CLAS                            8/10/2023

Maureen Robertson                CLAS                            7/27/2023

Moment of Silence in Remembrance

EFC Committees

Berman thanked Gardinier for her work on this. Gardinier noted that she wanted to create actual committees

Elections – Diane Huber, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Bill Silverman (Berman, ex officio)

Election of Russ Lenth as Vice President and Christopher Atchison as Secretary

Program – Ana Diaz-Arnold, Sheldon Kurtz, John Westefeld (Berman, ex officio)

Lecture Series – Carol Scott-Conner, Shelton Stromquist, Tricia Zebrowski.

Webpage – Russell Lenth, Minnetta Gardinier, Bernard Sorofman

University Liaisons

Campus Planning: Jacob Odgaard – No Report

Faculty Senate and Council: Minnetta Gardinier & Mary Ann Rasmussen.

Gardinier announced that the next Faculty Senate meeting is September 12, 2023 at 3:30pm.  She also stated that the policy regarding Instructional track faculty was revised has been revised and will be added to the Ops Manual.


FRIC: Sheldon Kurtz & William Silverman.

Sorofman reported that beginning January 1, 2024, WellMark BCBS will be requiring all health insurance plans/all plan members to designate a primary care provider in their system.  This requirement impacts the UI Choice and UI Select health plans.  However, this designation does NOT require that an individual first seek care through a PCP.  Plan members may still seek care directly with a specialist as needed.  Information on this change will be sent to plan members later this fall.

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of this change affecting those covered by the plans ability to reach out to specialist when needed.

Kurtz announced retirees on UI health plans will subject to a 1% increase for FY ’24.  Discussion was held on the potential for the University to cover the cost of weight loss medication for persons with no underlying condition. It is not clear at this time if the University will offer this coverage. The earliest it may be available would be 2025.

Wellmark will be changing the name of the plans provided to Wellmark Blue HMO and

Wellmark Blue PPO.  Those covered by the newly names plans will be asked to name a  

primary care provider. Discussion was held regarding the possibility of this change affecting

those covered by the plans ability to reach out to specialist when needed.

The University subsidized its healthcare plans with 35 million dollars, zero of which went towards retirees. Discussion was held regarding EFC bringing this up with UI administration. A discussion ensued regarding the difficulty in obtaining appointments at UIHC and the extraordinary wait times at the UIHC ER. The question was then raised on the potential for bringing this to the attention of Faculty Council and/or Senate.

It was suggested inviting the new VPMA and Dean to an EFC meeting to discuss. A decision was made for a letter to be drafted on this topic for discussion at the next monthly EFC meeting.

Hancher and Art Museum: Ana Diaz-Arnold & Bernard Sorofman – No Report

Libraries: Russell Lenth & Diane Huber – No Report

Parking and Transportation: Warren Boe & Carol Scott Conner – No Report

President’s Committee on Athletics: John Westefeld & Tricia Zebrowski – No Report

Recreational Services: Christopher Atchison – No Report

Research Council: Shelton Stromquist – No Report

Senior College: Warren Boe – No Report

UIRA:  Vacant

Old Business:

Nothing to report on the letter to the Provost regarding IT services for emeritus faculty

New Business:

Berman solicited people to volunteer to serve on EFC committees and as liaisons to the various committees EFC is involved with. The goal is to have names by September 12, 2023.  She, in turn, will work with Minnetta Gardinier to assign people.


Connie asked for volunteers to join an online meeting regarding retirement taking place October 9 from 10:11:30am. This is being organized through the Office of the Provost and participants will be asked to answer questions from recent and upcoming retirees.

A Permissive Conferral request from the College of Public Health was discussed, voted on, and recommended.

Guest Speaker

Berman introduced the guest speaker, Adam Knight, Producing Artistic Director, Riverside Theatre Iowa City, IA.

Adam provided his history in the arts, why he believes venues such as Riverside Theatre thrive in smaller communities such and Iowa City, provided an overview of their new space and some sneak peaks into upcoming productions.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am.