Monday, October 2, 2023


October 2, 2023 9:30am-11:00am

In person at UCC 2520-C or Zoom URL

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes of EFC meeting, September 5, 2023
    Minutes Distributed
  3. New Emeritus Faculty:
    Kirk Phillips, College of Public Health
  4. Deceased Emeritus Faculty:
    Sonja Lively, College of Nursing
    Peter Jebson, College of Medicine - Anesthesia
    Robert Hegeman, College of Medicine – Internal Medicine
    Forrest Nelson, Tippie College of Business – Economics
    William Stanford, College of Medicine - Radiology
  5. Moment of Memorial Silence
  6. EFC Membership
    Elections – Diane Huber, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Bill Silverman (Berman, ex officio)
    Program – Ana Diaz-Arnold, Sheldon Kurtz, John Westefeld (Berman, ex officio)
    Lecture Series – Carol Scott-Conner, Shelton Stromquist, Tricia Zebrowski
    Webpage – Russell Lenth, Minnetta Gardinier, Bernard Sorofman
  7. Liaisons to University Committees
    Campus Planning: Jacob Odgaard
    Faculty Senate and Council: Minnetta Gardinier & Mary Ann Rasmussen
    FRIC: Sheldon Kurtz & William Silverman
    Hancher and Art Museum: Ana Diaz-Arnold & Bernard Sorofman
    Libraries: Russell Lenth & Diane Huber
    Parking and Transportation: Warren Boe & Carol Scott Conner
    President’s Committee on Athletics: John Westefeld & Tricia Zebrowski
    Recreational Services: Christopher Atchison
    Research Council: Shelton Stromquist
    Senior College: Warren Boe

  1.  Old Business:
    Letter to President Wilson regarding retiree healthcare.

    Have we heard any response from ITS about letter sent last year? 
  2. New Business:
    Should we have named an assistant secretary so as to have more control of minutes?  
    Should we invite UIRA to send their liaison to us?
  3.  Introduction of Guest Speaker: Connie Berman
  4.  Guest Speaker: Lauren Lessing, Director, Stanley Museum of Art
  5.  Adjourn