Monday, October 2, 2023



9:30 a.m. Monday, October 2, 2023

(UCC 2520-C, With Zoom Connection.)

Chair Berman called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Roll Call: 

EFC Members Attending: Christopher Atchison, Constance Berman, Warren Boe, Ana Diaz-Arnold, Minnetta Gardinier, Diane Huber, Russell Lenth, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Carol Scott-Connor, William Silverman, John Westefeld, Tricia Zebrowski

EFC Members Absent: Sheldon Kurtz, Jacob Odgaard, Bernard Sorofman, Shelton Stromquist

Other participants:

Lauren Lessing, Director, Stanley Museum of Art

Approval of Minutes. Approval of the September 5, 2023, was deferred until the next meeting

New Emeritus Faculty

Name                                      College                                                            Retirement Date

Kirk Phillips,                             College of Public Health                                  9/8/2023

Recently Deceased Emeritus Faculty

Name                                      College                                                            Date

Robert Hegeman                    College of Medicine – Internal Medicine                   8/19/2023

Forrest Nelson                         Tippie College of Business – Economics                     9/24/2023

*John Schweitzer                    CLAS                                                                            9/28/2023

 (*Not acknowledged in October)

Moment of Silence in Remembrance

EFC Committee Reports

President Berman opened by thanking Gardinier for her work on establishing the committees and liaison assignments.

Elections – Diane Huber, Mary Ann Rasmussen, Bill Silverman (Berman, ex officio) No report


Program – Ana Diaz-Arnold, Sheldon Kurtz, John Westefeld (Berman, ex officio) No report

Lecture Series – Carol Scott-Conner, Shelton Stromquist, Tricia Zebrowski.

The next lecture is 4:00 p.m., Thursday, October 5, 2023 in the Kollros Auditorium
(101 Biology Building East)

Webpage – Russell Lenth, Minnetta Gardinier, Bernard Sorofman No report

University Liaisons – No reports were provided

Campus Planning: Jacob Odgaard

Faculty Senate and Council: Minnetta Gardinier & Mary Ann Rasmussen

FRIC: Sheldon Kurtz & William Silverman

Hancher and Art Museum: Ana Diaz-Arnold & Bernard Sorofman

Libraries: Russell Lenth & Diane Huber

Parking and Transportation: Warren Boe & Carol Scott Conner

President’s Committee on Athletics: John Westefeld & Tricia Zebrowski

Recreational Services: Christopher Atchison

Research Council: Shelton Stromquist

Senior College: Warren Boe


Old Business:

There was extended discussion regarding a letter drafted
by Kurtz and Stromquist addressed to President Wilson in which the EFC expresses concern about the health care capacity of the University Hospitals and Clinics. Several amendments were offered to the original draft and, after a motion made by Arnold and Silverman, it was agreed that the new draft be sent to the authors for their review. If there are no further changes, the letter would be sent by EFC President Berman to President Wilson. 

It was also noted by President Berman that the EFC had sent a letter to the Provost regarding IT access for emeritus faculty. However, a response has not yet been received.

New Business:

President Berman raised the question of whether the EFC should have an assistant secretary. It was determined that the EFC would continue to operate in an ad hoc fashion when the elected Secretary is unavailable.

Berman also noted that there is a vacancy in representation from the UIRA.  She will speak to the UIRA Chair, Deb Cobb, regarding a representative.

Guest Speaker: Chair Berman introduced Lauren Lessing, Director, Stanley Museum of Art

Lessing presented videos of the new library and described the many initiatives of the Museum. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:21 am.